Let Go and Let God!

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And while you are here…….

Are you struggling with certain areas of your life and know you need to just let go and let God take the wheel?

  • Are you holding on to something that is causing discord in your marriage?
  • Do you have a wayward child on the wrong path?
  • Is your financial situation lacking?
  • Are you struggling with sin or a specific temptation?
  • Are your fears paralyzing you?
  • Are you letting your past keep you down?
  • Are you worried about the future?

1 Peter 5:7 (NLT) says:

Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you.

Let Go and Let God Prayer Journal Bundle

Pink floral Let go and Let God Prayer Journal Pages with Screensavers

Most of us KNOW we should stop worrying because God is in control but we still fret over the things in our life. But when we actually write down the issues and sort of “map them out” we then create a point of reference to start seeing God move once we’ve fully surrendered it over to Him.

I created the Let Go and Let God Prayer Journal to help you do just that! To identify the things you need to relinquish control of, meditate on it, and ask God (in writing) to take the wheel.

This 37-page Prayer Journal provides space to identify the issue, pray to ask God for help and track the blessings that later come in the areas of

  • your marriage
  • your children
  • your finances
  • your sin/temptations
  • your fears
  • your past
  • your future

Give it God Journal Notes and Worksheets

3 pages of journal prompts to identify the things you need to surrender, to meditate on the issue, to write down your prayer asking God to take it, and space to reflect on seeing God move after. (Download with or without lines!)

Give it to God Scriptures to Pray

7 pages of Scripture to pray over the different areas of your life

Give it to God Prayer Tracker

3 additional pages to track prayers for family and friends, as special prayer requests from others

scripture coloring pages laying on a tan background

5 beautiful Scripture coloring pages

pink floral give it to god phone screensavers

3 gorgeous phone screensavers to remind you that God’s got this!

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