March Bible Reading Plan

Happy March!

We are going learn how God has given each of us unique and specific gifts and talents.

And those gifts and talents are give to us for the purpose of glorifying God!

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A Prayer for March

Dear Lord, Thank You, for providing me a place of comfort and rest. I know that when I am overwhelmed by the things in this world, I can always find rest in your presence. Help me to always seek out your wisdom and learn to discern those things that pull me away from you and avoid them. Amen

Using Your Gifts for God in March

The Scriptures remind us that our gifts are given for a reason.

1 Peter 4:10-11 tells us, “Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.”

This passage highlights that our talents are a means to steward God’s grace, showcasing His love and generosity through our actions.

Here are some simple ways to use your specific gifts and talents for God’s glory and to serve others:

  1. Volunteering in Church Ministries: Many churches have various ministries that cater to different groups such as children, youth, adults, and the elderly. Identify where your gifts can best contribute, whether it’s teaching Sunday School, playing music in the worship team, helping with administrative tasks, or supporting outreach and mission efforts. This not only serves the church community but also helps in spreading God’s love and message.
  2. Mentoring and Discipleship: If you have a gift for teaching, empathy, or wisdom, consider mentoring or discipling others. This can involve leading a small group, offering one-on-one mentorship to newer believers, or even creating content that helps others grow in their faith. Your experience and insight can guide others in their spiritual journey, offering support and encouragement.
  3. Using Creative Talents: For those gifted in areas like art, writing, music, or drama, there are numerous ways to serve God and others. This could mean creating artwork that inspires faith, writing blogs or books that explore Christian themes, composing worship music, or producing Christian plays. These creative expressions can reach people’s hearts in unique ways, drawing them closer to God.
  4. Community Service and Outreach: Your gifts can serve as a bridge to meet the needs of your community. This might look like using organizational skills to plan events, cooking meals for those in need, offering professional services pro bono for low-income families, or using technical skills to assist non-profits. Serving the community not only meets physical needs but also opens doors for spiritual conversations and ministry.
  5. Encouragement and Support: The gift of encouragement is invaluable, especially in challenging times. This can be as simple as sending encouraging messages, making phone calls to those who are isolated, offering prayers for those in need, or providing a listening ear. Small acts of kindness and understanding can have a profound impact, showing God’s love in practical, tangible ways.

Anything that you do well or enjoy doing is a gift worth sharing! Seek out ways to use yours to serve others and shine God’s light bright for all to see!

Reflection Questions

  1. What unique gifts or talents do I believe God has given me, and how have I acknowledged or overlooked them in my life? Reflect on the talents you possess and consider how you have or have not recognized and appreciated these gifts as part of God’s plan for you.
  2. In what ways have I used my gifts to serve others and glorify God in the past, and how did those experiences impact both myself and those I served? Think about instances where you’ve used your talents in service and the outcomes of those actions.
  3. Are there gifts or talents I have been hesitant to use for God’s work? If so, what fears or obstacles have prevented me from using them? Identify any reservations you have about putting your talents to use in God’s service and explore the reasons behind these feelings.
  4. How can I actively seek opportunities to use my gifts for God in my current life situation, including my church, community, and workplace? Consider practical steps you can take to more actively engage your talents in service to God and others within your immediate environment.
  5. What steps can I take to further develop and refine my gifts to better serve God and others? Reflect on actions you can take or resources you might need to enhance your talents for more effective ministry and service.
March Bible Reading Plan
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I hope you are able to use this Bible reading plan for March to really dive deep into God’s word this month and know just how much He truly loves you!

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