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Guest Post Opportunities

Are you looking for QUALITY guest posting opportunities? Guest posting can be a really great way to:

  1. Build quality backlinks
  2. Build referral traffic

The problem is that most bloggers who offer guest posting opportunities don't understand how to do it properly (in a way that benefits both them and the guest blogger's site.

To understand what I mean by that, be sure to read Guest Posting 101 – the Dos and Don'ts of Guest Posting.

If you are going to guest post for another blog, it should be in a way that will generate organic traffic to BOTH of your websites for long into the future!

note card that says guest post opportunities

Current Guest Post Opportunities

This list will be updated regularly with new opportunities from our Kingdom Bloggers Membership community. These are all Christian blogs (in varying sub-niches) that fully understand SEO and have significant (and growing) monthly organic traffic coming to their sites.

NOTE: If you sign up for a guest post opportunity, please understand that you are signing up for a commitment and should prioritize your schedule accordingly. That means putting it on your calendar and being responsible for adhering to the due date listed. And don't sign up if you are already overwhelmed with your current blogging “to do” list.

Also, please carefully read the instructions listed on each blogger's signup form. Each one has different instructions for how to submit your draft to them. Just click the link next to each blog name and it will open up their respective current guest post opportunities.


I will be sharing this list weekly with updated offerings.

Also, if you are somewhat new to blogging or simply new to SEO, be sure to take my free SEO Fundamentals for Christian Bloggers course to help you understand the basics of how it all works. The more you understand SEO, the more your site will grow (traffic) in the long run and free up your time from being chained to having to share it on social media!

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