6 Instagram Bible Study Groups to Follow This Year

Are you looking for some inspiring and impactful Instagram Bible Study groups to follow?

Even before the “C” word closed churches and kept everyone home, Instagram was a place where many Christian women would find their daily dose of biblical content.

But actual Instagram Bible study groups are now becoming increasingly popular as a way to connect with other Christians and get in the Word of God daily.

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The Best Instagram Bible Study Accounts to Follow

There are different types of Instagram Bible study accounts. Some focus on simple tips for reading and understanding the Bible. Others offer daily Bible readings and devotional-style video content.

And most of them also have links to additional resources to make sure you are getting the most out of your study time.

If you love Instagram and want to use it to get daily Bible study content in your feed, I highly recommend these profiles to follow.

Megan Allen Ministries

Megan uses her Instagram to supplement her online Bible study FB group. She publishes short video clips of Bible study summaries and basic inductive Bible study methods to help her followers dive deeper into Scripture in a meaningful way.

Insta Bible Study Group

The Insta Bible Study Group on Instagram has a really pretty aesthetic to their feed and offers various Bible study tips and daily Bible study lessons. In addition to the regular Bible study tips, they also do a guided Bible study on Instagram so you can follow along during the week.

Bible Study Notes and Faith

Bible Notes and Faith has a beautiful Instagram feed and shares daily Bible study tips and resources to help women grow deeper in their faith and learn/understand God’s word. She also shares many of the Bible study resources that she uses in her daily study routine.

Pretty Little Bibles

Pretty Little Bibles is another absolutely Instagram Bible Study group that has a gorgeous feed! She shares tips for getting started with daily Bible study, tips for strengthening your prayer life, and actual short Bible studies on different characters and topics.

Girl Ready Your Bible Co

Girl Read Your Bible has daily Bible readings and many tips for helping you to get the most out of your Bible study routine (or how to create a routine that works for you).

Bible Study With Lily

Lily shares some really great tips for effective Bible study, along with various resources she uses to make it more impactful.

I love how she asks a LOT of questions about each study topic to really make you understand it better.

There you have it! Of course, you can simply do a search on Instagram for “bible study” and a lot of other profiles will come up. These are just some of the ones that I found super helpful and really publish content that is impactful from a Bible study perspective.

Be sure to save this list for later (just save it to Pinterest) and also share it with your Bible study friends so they can join in as well!

God Bless!

6 Best Instagram Bible Study Groups

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