The Best Large Print Bibles for the Visually Impaired Christian

For many of us, reading a physical Bible is often difficult because of the very small print.

Back in my younger days, this wasn’t an issue. However, now that I’m getting older and my eyesight is fading, finding nice large print Bibles has been at the top of my list so I can read without having to strain my eyes.

Fortunately, Bible-makers have begun to realize the need for more Bibles for the visually impaired and now make them in most of the translations (and even in Spanish)!

Large Print Bibles for the Visually Impaired

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The Best Bibles for the Visually Impaired

Although I really love being able to read the Bible using a Bible app, my vision is seriously getting worse!

Also, you can’t take notes on a digital bible the way you can with one you can hold in your hand. I’ve been researching to find the best large print Bibles for the visually impaired to find one that I really like and enjoy.

Below, you’ll find my top picks for different versions, different languages, and more!

Super Giant Print Bibles 

If you are looking for some really great supergiant (large print) Bibles for the visually impaired Christian, you’ve come to the right place!

This list includes large print Bibles in several translations, making it easy for those with vision impairments to easily read their favorite Bible verses.

bibles for the visually impaired

KJV, Deluxe Reference Bible, Super Giant Print

The KJV Deluxe Reference Bible provides a comfortable reading experience imaginable with Thomas Nelson’s custom KJV font in a super-giant-print format. With a generous 16-font type, end-of-page references, a concordance, words of Christ in red, and full-color maps, this Bible is designed for readability and serious study.

NIV Bibles for the Visually Impaired

NIV, Super Giant Print Reference Bible

Featuring a substantial 16.5-point print size and a new, exclusive NIV typeface, the NIV Super Giant Print Reference Bible provides a clear, smooth and easy reading experience for readers of all ages. Ideal for anyone looking for a Bible that is gentle on the eyes and for pulpit use.

ESV Bibles for the Visually Impaired

 ESV Super Giant Print Bible

The ESV Super Giant Print Bible features the full ESV text in very large and easy-to-read type. Drawing on research and consultation with experts in the vision industry, this edition offers an optimized experience for low-vision readers.

CSB Super Giant Print Reference Bible

 CSB Super Giant Print Reference Bible

The CSB Super Giant Print Reference Bible features extra large, easy-to-read 16-point type and is perfect for devotional reading, personal study, or to carry and use at church. The super-giant type makes this Bible easy-to-read for those who have diminished or impaired vision.

If studying the Bible better is on your list of things to do this year, be sure to visit our Bible Study Resources page where you’ll find everything you need to make Bible study a regular part of your daily routine.

Jumbo Print Spanish Bibles

large print spanish bible

 Large Print Spanish Bible

El nuevo y elegante diseño tipográfico de la Biblia Letra Súper Gigante con Referencia RVR 1960 hace que esta Biblia tenga un texto súper nítido y cómodo para leer. Sus páginas espaciosas ofrecen referencias al final del versículo y permiten escribir notas y subrayar pasajes con facilidad.

jumbo print spanish bible

 Biblia Letra Grande

Biblia Reina-Valera 1960 con letras grandes y fáciles de leer y con guías de estudio que le ayudarán a disfrutar su tiempo leyendo o estudiando la Palabra de Dios.

giant print spanish bible

Letra Gigante Santa Biblia-RV 1960

Letra Gigante Santa Biblia is a beautiful cover, large-print Spanish Bible.

Large Print Bibles for the Visually Impaired

Getting older or simply being born with vision issues often makes reading the Bible a difficult thing to do. With these large-print Bibles, you can forego the Bible app and easily go back to verses you enjoyed.

These Bibles for the visually impaired come in almost all the translations and even have options for those who speak Spanish.

Looking for a new Bible and not sure which one to get? Be sure to check out our recommendations for Bibles and Devotionals.

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