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Tools I Use to Create Videos for My Christian YouTube Channel

Are you getting ready to start a Christian YouTube channel?

Getting started can be a bit overwhelming as far as knowing what tools to invest in at first.

There are so many different video recording tools and resources to choose from and you can easily spend way too much money if you don’t know what you REALLY need and what is simply nice to have.

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Video Recording Equipment

Most computers do come with a webcam installed. My computer, however, is several years old so the camera quality was not great. I decided to purchase a Nexigo webcam and love the quality of the video it provides.

view of my webcam on my computer screen

Nexigo Webcam – sits right on top of my desktop monitor.

It connects via a USB cable so it can easily be switched over to my laptop if I want to record somewhere other than my office.


I personally think the most important element of recording great videos is lighting. Natural lighting is always best but that isn’t realistic for most of us. I do have a window in my office but I only get good natural lighting for about 2-3 hours a day so I had to invest in lighting.

I currently have 2 different Ring Lights. One that sits on my desk and one that has a taller tripod for when I want to stand while recording.

overhead view of an open Bible

ULANZI Overhead Phone Mount with 10″ Selfie Ring Light – I use this one for overhead recording of my Bible.

view of my desk with ring lights

13-inch Ring Light with Floor Tripod and Desk Stand w/74″ Tripod – I have one like this for when I want to stand up (I have a VariDesk).


There may be occasions when you want to record outside or in an area with great natural lighting and don’t need your ring lights.

The Fugetek 51″ Professional Selfie Stick Tripod is a great choice because the tripod stands up to 51 inches and it also comes with a Bluetooth clicker to snap your photos or video when you can physically reach your camera.

Recording/Editing Software

I use the following to record and edit all of my videos (for desktop and mobile):

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