February Bible Reading Plan

February is all about LOVE and there is no Greater Love than the Love of our Father!

For our February Bible reading plan, we are going to dive deep into scripture to see just how much God really does love us!

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A Prayer for February

Dear Lord, As we begin February and focus on your love, may you fill my heart with the perfect love that can only come from you. I long to accept it in a way that not only fulfills my needs but changes me. Pour into my heart in such abundance that it overflows onto those around me! In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

Love in Action in February

Love – from a biblical perspective – is not a feeling. It is an action word. But what exactly does that mean?

Love in Action” means showing love through tangible deeds and behaviors, rather than merely expressing it in words or feelings.

It’s about actively demonstrating love in practical ways in our daily lives. This kind of love is the foundation of being a follower of Christ.

True love is shown by actions and choices that reflect kindness, generosity, compassion, and selflessness.

Here are a few key aspects of what Love in Action can look like:

  1. Helping and Serving Others: This could be as simple as helping a neighbor with their groceries, volunteering in community services, or lending a listening ear to someone in need.
  2. Forgiveness and Understanding: Showing love through forgiving those who have wronged us and striving to understand different perspectives.
  3. Patience and Kindness: Exercising patience in challenging situations and showing kindness even when it’s not expected or reciprocated.
  4. Sacrificial Giving: Sometimes love in action involves giving up something of ourselves — our time, resources, or comfort — to benefit someone else.
  5. Encouragement and Support: Offering words of encouragement and supporting others in their endeavors or during difficult times.

In essence, Love in Action is about putting the principle of love into practice in real, everyday situations, embodying the teachings of love and compassion as exemplified by Jesus Christ.

It’s about making love a lived experience, not just a spoken or felt emotion.

Reflection Questions

  1. How have you demonstrated Love in Action in my your life recently? Reflect on specific instances where your actions have shown love, kindness, or compassion to others.
  2. In what situations do you find it challenging to show love through you actions? Consider the circumstances or relationships where demonstrating love is difficult for you, and think about why that might be.
  3. What practical steps can you take to more consistently practice Love in Action in your everyday life? Identify concrete actions or changes you can make to embody love more actively in your daily interactions.
  4. How can you show love to someone who you feel may not deserve it or who has wronged you? Contemplate how you can extend love and forgiveness in challenging relationships, following the example of unconditional love.
  5. What does Love in Action look like in the context of my current life stage or situation? Reflect on how you can uniquely express love in your current circumstances, whether in family life, work, school, or community.
February Bible Reading plan
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Additional February Bible Reading Plan Resources

In addition to our February scripture reading plan, you might also enjoy these additional resources that are related to this month’s topic!

I hope you are able to use this Bible reading plan for February to really dive deep into God’s word this month and know just how much He truly loves you!

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