January Bible Reading Plan

January is all about New Beginnings! Isn’t it wonderful to know that God makes ALL things new!

In January, we often focus on setting goals for the year and working to do better than we did last year – so what better time to meditate on how we are given a new life in Christ!

When you join the Family of God, you are made new in Christ! (2 Cor 5:17)

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A Prayer for January:

Dear Lord, THANK YOU for your new beginnings! In you I am a new creature, my sinful nature has died and all of my mistakes have been forgiven. Last year held hurts and regrets, but I know you make all things new. Create in me a clean heart and provide me the strength to embrace everything this new year holds. In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

All Things New in January

Isn’t it great to no that Jesus is the master of making all things new, especially as we step into the New Year. This is what what Jesus is all about – fresh starts, hope, and big changes.

Think about it, in Revelation 21:5, God says, “I’m making everything new!” That’s pretty much at the heart of what Jesus offers us. Every New Year, heck, every single day, is a chance for us to experience a personal reboot with Him.

Here’s What This Means for Us in the New Year:

  1. Starting Fresh Spiritually: A new year? It’s like hitting the refresh button. It’s a time to dive deeper into our faith, to get re-energized in our walk with Jesus.
  2. Growing and Changing: Jesus is all about helping us grow and be our best selves. This New Year is our canvas – let’s paint something beautiful with our lives, becoming more like Him every day.
  3. Hanging onto Hope: No matter what’s going down, Jesus is our hope. Walking into the New Year, let’s keep our eyes on Him, trusting that He’s got everything under control.
  4. Loving and Helping Others: Jesus showed love like no other, right? This year, let’s spread that love around. Small acts, kind words – it all counts.
  5. Forgiveness and New Chapters: We’ve all been given a second chance, thanks to Jesus. So, let’s pass it on. Got any grudges? Let’s drop them. Mistakes? Let’s learn from them and move on.

Reflection Questions

  1. Reflect on areas of your life where you desire newness. How can you partner with God in these areas to see transformation this year?
  2. Considering God’s promise to make all things new, what old habits, attitudes, or mindsets do you need to let go of to embrace this newness?
  3. How has God worked in your life in the past to bring about change and renewal? What lessons from these experiences can you apply to the coming year?
  4. In what ways can you actively seek to understand and live out the new covenant of grace in your daily life?
  5. Think about a “new song” (a fresh perspective or attitude) that God might be placing in your heart for this new year. How can you cultivate and express this in your actions and interactions?

January Bible Reading Plan

Our January reading plan is going to dive into scripture to see that we are Made New in Christ!

January Bible Reading Plan
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In addition to the Scripture reading plan and worksheets, you can supplement your study time with scripture coloring pages as well as some additional goodies.

Additional January Bible Reading Plan Resources

While this month’s scripture reading plan is powerful, you might want to dive a bit deeper into the topic of new beginnings or to help you in setting solid spiritual goals for the year.

I hope you are able to use this Bible reading plan for January to really dive deep into God’s word this month and hear His voice as he begins to make you new in the coming year!


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If you are more of a digital journal person, you might want to save some paper and ink and get the digital version of this study journal! It includes additional study questions and coloring pages!

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