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He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation. – Mark 16:15 NIV

This verse from Mark often makes us think of Missionaries going on physical mission trips or evangelizing to people we meet in our community. But today, the battleground has moved into an online environment and we need to be there!

The internet NEEDS more Jesus

In a time when it seems (according to the news and mainstream media) that people are moving away from the church and Christian values, SEO tells a completely different story. One day I was doing some research to help a fellow (Christian) blogger with writing a post on a faith-based topic and I was completely amazed at the results. Contrary to popular belief, people ARE searching for God – but they are asking Google for the answers.

People are searching (in the millions) for answers to questions that traditionally are taboo subjects in the church. 

  • Am I going to hell because I’m gay?
  • Does God hate me for cheating on my spouse?
  • I had an abortion. Does that mean I can’t go to Heaven?

In addition to these (and other) pointed questions, people search daily for things like

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Kingdom Bloggers was created for two purposes:

  1. To teach Christian bloggers and faith content writers how to optimize their blogs for organic search traffic so others will find their content online so they can share the message of Jesus with those (literally around the world) who are searching for Him. (If that is you, START HERE!).
  2. As a platform for Christian bloggers to showcase their content to the world and to showcase their products/services so Christians around the world can support these online ministries by purchasing their products. 

I guess you could call Kingdom Bloggers a Worldwide Christian Ministry – a collaboration of many Christian bloggers from around the world! You will find content on a variety of Christian/faith topics including

  • Christian parenting and marriage
  • Bible Studies and Devotionals
  • Spiritual Growth and Christian Living
  • other general faith-related topics

We also have an amazing library of free Bible Study resources that you are welcome to check out!

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About LeeAnn

First and foremost, Kingdom Bloggers is NOT about me! I am simply a vessel to help spread the Word of God online and to teach others to do the same.

But my name is LeeAnn and I’m retired from the US Navy and live in sunny South Texas! My mission is simple – to equip an army of digital disciples to flood the internet with more Jesus!

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