Fun and Festive Christian Halloween Ideas

Are you looking for some fun and festive Christian Halloween ideas for your family to do this year?

Halloween is such a fun and festive time of year. Not just for kids, but for adults too! Of course, Christmas is my favorite one, but Halloween is my next favorite holiday to enjoy with my family.

I love to get dressed up and hand out candy to the trick or treaters that stop by. And, let me tell you… I go ALL out with decorating my yard for Halloween!!

But many Christians feel that Halloween is off-limits for celebration. Unfortunately, they sorely miss the mark on what it means to be a Christian – which is to shine God’s light for all the world (every night of the year)!

If that is you, then you might be wondering…

  • What should a Christian do on Halloween?
  • What can I do instead of celebrating Halloween?
  • Is it against the Bible to celebrate Halloween?

I’ve put together some super fun and creative Christian Halloween ideas to help you and your family use this single day of the year to shine God’s light bright for your entire neighborhood to see!

Christian Hallween decorations that say Happy Halloween

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Festive Christian Halloween Ideas

So, what kind of stuff can Christians do to enjoy and partake in the Halloween festivities?

Really, the sky (or your imagination) is the limit! Get creative in thinking of ways to incorporate Jesus into the different Halloween activities and events that typically happen on this day every year.

Christian Halloween Ideas for Trick or Treaters

What kid doesn’t love going trick or treating on Halloween? Not only do they get to dress up, but they get LOADS of candy and other treats.

And what other day of the year provides such a huge opportunity to give out candy AND let kids know about Jesus?

Instead of locking your doors and turning off that porch light, welcome the neighborhood kids with these Christian Halloween ideas for the trick or treaters!

Christian Halloween candy spilled onto a table

Christian Halloween Treat Bags

Instead of just handing out a handful of candy, you can make some simple Christian Halloween treat bags to hand out.

You can buy pre-made Christian Halloween treat bags and simply fill them with sweet treats! Or, if you are the crafty type, make your own bags and add a tag that has an encouraging verse of scripture or something like “Jesus Loves You” on it.

Christian Halloween Treats

Another fun and creative way to share Jesus with your community on Halloween is with the actual treats you hand out! Get creative with things like Holy Ghost cookies or other Christian-themed baked goods.

Or you can buy some religious-themed treats in bulk to hand out along with the regular candy. Things like scripture candy, Shine for Jesus bookmarks, or Christian rubber bracelets provide more treats than tricks for the kids!

Christian Halloween Decoration Ideas

While most Halloween decor is centered around monsters and big spider webs, you can add a little bit of Jesus to the scene for the perfect Christian Halloween decorations!

  1. Make a wooden yard sign (in Halloween colors) that says “The Only Ghost that lives here is the Holy Ghost!”
  2. Carve pumpkins with a Christian theme such as the word “Jesus” or a cross, etc
  3. Christian pumpkin yard stakes

I have even considered making my yard look like a cemetery where the tombstones are all named things like shame, sin, etc. Basically, all the things that we leave behind when we are saved. Then I would add some additional Christian-themed yard signs.

How cool would that be?!

Christian Halloween yard sign

Christian Halloween Costume Ideas

Second, only to all of the candy, getting to dress up is one of the reasons kids love Halloween so much! And while the stores are filled with scary costumes and those that you simply don’t feel are appropriate for your kids, there are so many Christian Halloween costume ideas to choose from!

Instead of monsters and ax murders, they can dress up as Bible characters, the Ark, or anything with a biblical context. And if they insist on being something a little scarier, let them dress up as a ghost but write “Holy Ghost” on their back!

Christian Halloween Party Ideas

If you are wary about sending your kids out to trick or treat, why not let them have a Christian-themed Halloween party and invite all of their friends over?

A Christian Halloween party is just like a regular one, except everyone dresses up as a Bible character or something that has a biblical context. You can serve snacks such as the Holy Ghost cookies I mentioned earlier.

And no Halloween party would be complete without fun games. For a Christian Halloween party, you can play any variety of Bible bingo or other similar games.

Have a Festive Christian Halloween Celebration!

Don’t just shut the world out on Halloween! Treat this day like every other – one that we are called to share the Gospel on! Remember, everything the enemy uses for bad, we, as God’s children, can use it for God’s glory!

Use these Christian Halloween ideas to help you turn your home into the one that all the trick or treaters want to stop by and see!

Get creative and have fun with it! And use this amazing opportunity to teach your children about the importance of sharing the Good News in unique and creative ways in order to truly reach more people for the Kingdom of God!

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1 thought on “Fun and Festive Christian Halloween Ideas”

  1. I really enjoy your ideas. Jesus saved my soul 5 years ago. I have been married for 3 years now to a Christian man ( Thank God everyday for him). He does not like Halloween, but his kiddos do. The youngest is 9. In the past couple of years they go to their moms for Halloween. Been trying to find ways to bring Christ into the day that I feel like is made for the devil. Now you have made me look at it differently. Thank you so much for sharing. God bless!

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