Internet Missionaries: How Regular Christian Women are Reaching the Unchurched

In a time when so many people are far from knowing God’s love, regular, everyday Christian women are sharing God’s love through the internet by way of a Christian blog ministry. These women, while not Seminary-trained, are reaching the unchurched (and those who are already saved) by simply writing encouraging words and referencing Scripture to combat everyday issues that many people struggle with. Christian blogs are not just a creative outlet or “hobby” – they are truly reaching more people for the Kingdom of God and taking His message to the far corners of the earth.

And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come. Matthew 24:14 ESV


Christian women bloggers reaching the unchurched

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Female Christian Bloggers – Reaching the Unchurched

It is crazy to think that many underdeveloped countries – those without running water – do have access to the internet! While crazy it may be, it is also a huge blessing because this makes it possible for us to reach the unchurched areas of the planet through a Christian blog ministry. While there are ministry blogs out there that are managed by a church or a more “formal” ministry, Christian women are becoming a powerful force in God’s Army.

Christian women around the world are turning to blogs as a way to simply share their love of God and encourage others through various journeys or seasons of life. Some Christian women start their blogs to simply as a creative outlet and to encourage and inspire others through a particular season of life such as motherhood or even just everyday living (not necessarily specific to being a Christian). Regardless of the purpose of the blog, their content is able to reach people who may not even know Jesus or may have fallen away from Him at some point in their life. Internet evangelism is the new norm for reaching the unchurched and building the Kingdom far beyond the limits of a physical church.

And he said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation. Mark 16:15 


Why Female Christian Bloggers Are Important

Fewer people attend physical church today than 20 years ago. There are many reasons why but some include lack of religious upbringing, work schedules, medical issues, and more. We also know that people are spending more and more time on the internet and social media. If they aren’t physically going to church, we must take the church to them!

Why women bloggers? Women have a unique perspective of the world because of the many roles the play – wife, mother, daughter, sister, colleague, father (single moms). Christian women know the value of staying close to God and teaching their children to do the same. Women know about struggles in all aspects of life. Women are also natural teachers, mentors, and nurturers. Combine all of that with an absolute love of Jesus and it only makes sense that they would be the perfect fit for becoming digital missionaries.

By writing about their own struggles (not related to faith) they can get their content in front of those who might not be saved and add some encouraging Biblical advice that just might be contagious to the person reading it. Formal seminary training has never been a requirement for anyone to be able to pray with others or to simply share the gospel with others.  With a little creativity and God’s armor, these women are taking their battle cry to the internet and are making a huge impact on saving more people for the Kingdom.


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Types of Christian Blogs

There are so many types of Christian blog ministries out there. Some are specifically “Christian” in nature, meaning their title and overall purpose are for sharing the gospel. Others are a bit more subtle and their purpose is more for general purposes related to a particular niche, but also add a “touch of Jesus” by mixing some faith-based content among the regular content. The latter is what I like to refer to as “Sneaky Jesus” blogs because visitors often come for the regular content but may stay and read more of the faith content when they see how it all ties together.

Below you’ll find some amazing blogs by female Christian bloggers (who are also members of the Kingdom Bloggers Contributor Team). All of these women love sharing God’s love with the world while also channeling their own creative writing skills.

And the gospel must first be proclaimed to all nations. Mark 13:10

Parenting Blogs

I’d have to say that parenting blogs are one of the more popular ways Christian women are reaching the unchurched. Parenting blogs written by Christian women don’t necessarily come across as a “Christian parenting” blog. Most of the content simply addresses the issues and struggles of being a parent (of a particular age group). By writing to answer “general” parenting questions, they can be found by regular (non-Christian) moms looking for support. While the post may not be “Jesus all over,” it might have a few encouraging verses of Scripture among the general help it is providing. There may also be some posts mixed in that ARE outright faith posts, which provides additional opportunities for these moms to learn about God’s love.


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Marriage Blogs

So many women take to the internet seeking advice and support for their troubled marriages. Marriage blogs written by Christian women offer advice and tips from a Biblical perspective but are often written in a subtle way so non-Christian readers may stop by to read it and learn.


Christian Women

There are a variety of different types of blogs for Christian women. Some speak to women depending on a particular age demographic. Others offer support and encouragement for a season of life or for getting through one of life’s struggles such as divorce. By writing on topics that relate to ALL women, non-Christian women may find themselves reading about God’s love for the first time and turning to Him through their struggle or season.


Christian College Blogs

Christian college blogs are becoming increasingly popular among young adults today. These blogs cover topics specifically relating to the issues college students and young adults face today. These provide an excellent opportunity for reaching the unchurched college student trying to find their way in this crazy world we now live.


Christian Teen Blogs

Teen girls love to read! Christian teen blogs discuss the real struggles that teenage girls are facing today. They are typically written by teenagers or younger adult women who are still somewhat in this difficult season of living.

Lifestyle Blogs

Lifestyle blogs are great because they aren’t necessarily marketed as being a “Christian blog.” These blogs can cover literally ANY topic but can add a hint of Jesus that may just spark interest in an “unchurched” visitor that comes along.

Christian Blogging

There are some blogs that exclusively write content to help Christian bloggers. Others may write primarily about another niche, but also create significant content for Christian bloggers, including tips for using Facebook and other social media as a Christian blogger. Kingdom Bloggers has an entire section created for teaching Christian bloggers the art of blogging.

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Christian Women ARE Reaching the Unchurched

I often hear people say things along the lines of “how can I change the world?”. In this digital age that we now live, Christian women really do have the power to change the world by writing content that shows others how Jesus can truly change their lives for the better. Reaching more people for the Kingdom is a duty of all Christians and Christian women are really taking it to heart and making it happen.

Christian women literally are changing the way we get more Jesus into people’s homes and lives. By sharing a little about their own lives and adding a hint of Jesus here and there – or outright sharing encouraging Scripture, they are putting more Jesus on the Internet for others to find. The reality is that most people don’t turn to their Bible when they are needing help or encouragement. Instead, they turn to the Internet – which is why Christian blogs are such a necessary part of the fight against the enemy.

If you have a love of writing and wanting to share the Gospel with others, consider starting a Christian blog. Kingdom Bloggers has an arsenal of tutorials and resources to help you get started. You can start with our Starting a Ministry Blog: 10 Steps to a Successful Launch. If you aren’t sure exactly what type of blog you want to have, you can start by watching Defining Your Avatar which helps you to narrow down a specific blog audience.

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