The Sneaky Jesus Approach to Christian Blogging

As Christians, we are called to share the Gospel and bring more people to knowing Christ. But how do you do that with a Christian blog?

Like, how to you reach people who aren’t searching for Jesus online?

By applying the Sneaky Jesus approach to Christian blogging, you can increase the chances of having a Biblical answer on Page One of Google results regardless of what the search was for.

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The Sneaky Jesus Approach to Christian Blogging

While we hope that others who are searching for Christian content online will find their way to our blogs, we should also be concerned with getting Jesus in front of those who may not be looking for Him?

A Christian blog is literally a worldwide ministry for sharing the gospel with others across the planet. So how can you use your ministry to reach those who are NOT looking for God?

Let me first say that there are really 2 types of Christian blogs:

  • All Jesus all day blogs – These are what I call Bible Study blogs because their purpose is to provide content that answers any Bible study type of search query.
  • Subtle Jesus blogs – These are blogs that are more about something else (like parenting tips) but always provide a scriptural perspective in the tips being offered.

It is the subtle Jesus blogs that are going to win more people for the Kingdom of God.

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How Most People Search on Google

You already know that SEO is the key to getting your content found in search results. By researching and figuring out what people are searching for in that Google search box, you can create content centered around it and get your posts to come up in results for that search term.

Although many people do enter search queries with phrases that indicate they are seeking Christian content, millions and millions (maybe even billions) more use generic search phrases. 

For example, as a Christian mom, I might be seeking advice on dealing with toddler tantrums but I wouldn’t necessarily do a search for something like “how to deal with a toddler tantrum as a Christian mom.”  I would most likely just do a search for “how to deal with a toddler tantrum.”

And, of course, those NOT seeking a Biblical answer (those who maybe don’t even know Christ) would only use general search terms for what they are looking for.

Think about the person who might be down on their luck and looking for dating advice or tips for rebuilding their life after a divorce. These could be very broken souls that don’t know the love of Jesus. Imagine them finding your post during their search, and because of your words, they make the decision to begin following Christ!

Take God Out of the Equation

Wait! What? Take God OUT of the equation? Said no Christian ever!! Hear me out because we are going to put Him back in, but where it matters most.

I’m sure we can all agree that for those who don’t know the Lord, having Jesus upfront and “in your face” is the quickest way to get them to turn and run in the opposite direction, right?

We all have that one friend that constantly talks about how “irritating and annoying those Christian folks are” because we are always telling them the Bible is the answer to their problems. The direct approach isn’t always the best approach – and usually isn’t when it comes to introducing others to God.

Sneaky Jesus means writing content about general life stuff – the typical things people search for online (as it applies to your general blog’s niche). But instead of giving it a title that clearly indicates it is a Christ-centered article, give it a general title that matches the issue. As you begin writing the actual content, draft it in a way that isn’t centered around the Biblical advice or answer you are trying to provide.

Focus on the issue (the searched topic) but add small hints of Biblical advice or scripture here and there. They’ll read the article because it offers a solution to the problem they are having – BUT – it also will show them how Jesus just might be the true answer they didn’t know they were looking for!

So even if your blog wasn’t necessarily created to be a “faith” blog, you can still use your platform to share God’s love in a very subtle (but powerful) way. Many people who don’t know Him already, can begin to know Him by the subtle references you add here or there.

Sharing Jesus with others doesn’t always have to be outright and obvious. By offering “hints of Jesus,” they often won’t even realize what’s happening until they realize the truth – that God’s love really does make a difference in your life!

Sneaky Jesus on Pinterest

Pinterest is another perfect place to implement the Sneaky Jesus strategy to possibly introduce Christ to new people. We all know that Pinterest can be a great way to increase traffic to your blog.

Let’s say you are a Christian parenting blogger. Your boards don’t have to be ALL “Christian” centric. Add some boards for general parenting categories.

Another great example of Sneaky Jesus on Pinterest is to create different pin graphics for your blog posts and change up the titles on them. Whether the post is an outright Christ-centered post or it is a Sneaky Jesus post (a general topic with some Biblical advice sprinkled in), make some of the pins with titles that in no way indicate it is a faith-based article. 

Most people don’t know they need a God answer and would not naturally click on a pin advertising faith. But you never know who may happen upon it and come to know Christ as a result. Even if a few get irritated because it was a faith post, is it not worth it because of the ONE that did speak to?

Here are 2 examples of pins leading to the same post but marketing to different audiences on Pinterest:

Reach More People For Christ with Sneaky Jesus Blogging

Christian blog ministries truly have the power to bring more people to Christ than a (physical) church because the content is accessible to anyone with an Internet connection. By using the

With the sneaky Jesus approach to Christian blogging, you can get your blog content in front of those who may not have known they were looking for it. No matter the question or search query entered into that Google search box, you can bet the Bible has an answer for it.

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