Must-Have Gift Ideas for Bloggers

It’s that time of year again! Time to start making your holiday shopping lists for family and friends. One shopping demographic that often gets overlooked is to shop for family or friends that are bloggers. (We like gifts too!).

I get it. Unless you are a Christian blogger, you probably have no idea what a blogger would even need or want for Christmas, right? No problem! I’m a Christian blogger and I polled my Christian blogging friends to come up with this list of practical gift ideas for bloggers to make it super easy for you to get them something they’ll truly appreciate and enjoy this holiday season.

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The Best (Practical) Gifts for Bloggers 2020

I know that my family always struggles with what to get me for Christmas because, like most, they don’t really understand all this blogging stuff and I rarely ask for anything (not related to blogging). This year, I decided to make it easy for them by creating a list of things that I’d truly love to have for Christmas. I mean, come on, we ask our kids to make a list so why shouldn’t we, as moms, do the same?

Gift ideas for bloggers include anything related to running the blog, creating graphics for social media, computer accessories, and even study tools. Many of these things can be purchased outright and actually delivered in the mail.

But some are subscriptions, so you’ll want to ensure you put the recipient’s name for the info when making the purchase for them. You might even just let them know up front that you are getting it so they can be right there to enter the personal details themself.

Some, such as hosting, will be connected to their blog so they will need to be the one to get that all set up. Don’t worry about spoiling Christmas morning by giving it to them early. I PROMISE – they will totally love and appreciate that you got them something to help grow their blog!

Gifts for Bloggers – Education

I asked around in many different blogging groups and the #1 thing they listed as wanting for Christmas was some type of blogging education course/training! Education is the key to success and with blogging, it is no different!

  • Blog by Number is one of the top “start a blog” courses for those wanting to jump into the “mom blogging” arena.
  • Stupid Simple SEO is probably the most requested course that bloggers want to take! This course helps them understand how SEO works so they can scale their blog for organic growth and success.
  • SEO for Christian Bloggers is the go-to training for any blogger in the faith niche! This course is designed to help them lay a solid foundation and write faith-inspired content that ranks on Google.
  • Pinterest Ninja is the go-to training to learn all things Pinterest marketing as a blogger!

Blog Subscription Gifts

Operating and maintaining a blog does require an investment! Many bloggers get started with the bare basics until they can earn enough to upgrade to some of the more premium tools needed for growth.

If you want to give your favorite blogger a gift that they can really use, these gift ideas for bloggers will help them take their blogs to the next level.

These gift ideas aren’t something you can outright buy so your best approach is to find out the cost and simply give them a VISA gift card for the amount and designate it for the specific purchase.

Tech Gifts for Bloggers

The next most asked for gift items were more along the lines of tech gadgets. Aside from a computer, there are many other tech gifts that can tremendously help a blogger take it to the next level!

Computer Gifts for Bloggers

  • Laptop
  • Laptop Case
  • Portable battery

Photography Gifts for Bloggers

  • Digital Camera – A great digital camera is important for any blogger who likes to take their own pictures for use on their blog and social media.
  • Flatlay Backgrounds – These are reusable backgrounds that come in different colors and styles to help create amazing flat lay photography. These are a must-have for any blogger but especially for food bloggers.

Podcasting Gifts for Bloggers

Podcasting is becoming increasingly popular among bloggers. The best gift you can give a blogger who might be considering breaking into this arena is the gift of a podcast microphone!

Gifts for Vloggers

Many bloggers are also vloggers – they create videos for their blog and/or channels like Youtube. This opens up a whole new level of tech gadget gifts to give them!

  • Diva Ring Light – This light was created especially for video bloggers (and any creator active on channels like Youtube, TikTok, etc.
  • Compact Tripod – A tripod is a necessity for any vlogger who films in different locations to ensure a solid base for the camera.

Office Gifts for Bloggers

Since bloggers mostly work from home, they most likely have a home office of some sort. There are so many gift ideas that can help them stay organized – or just spruce up their workspace!

Misc Gifts for Bloggers

Still haven’t found the perfect gift for the blogger in your life? No worries! I still have a few more gift ideas that are sure to please!

As a blogger myself, I tell my family and friends that GIFT CARDS are the best blogging gifts they could give me! This enables me to get the stuff I really need that they can’t really get directly.

My favorite gift card is for Creative Market because this is where I can get a new theme, design elements for creating printables, and much more.

But I would also very much appreciate these gift cards as well!

Holiday Gift Giving that Makes an Impression!

Holiday shopping doesn’t have to be difficult! The best holiday gifts for bloggers are ones that can really use! When you choose from these gift ideas for bloggers, your loved one will be truly grateful that you took the time to find something they need!

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