Top Christian Affiliate Programs for Christian Bloggers

While many Christian bloggers blog solely as a hobby, some do this as a full-time ministry and are able to earn income from it to support their families.

Christian bloggers often struggle with what types of programs to join that will actually resonate with their Christian audiences so I put together this list of some top Christian affiliate programs for Christian bloggers that work for any niche of Christian blogging.


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Top Christian Affiliate Programs for Faith Bloggers

Many Christian bloggers get stuck in choosing the types of affiliate programs to join. Having a Christian blog doesn’t mean you are confined to just joining exclusively “Christian” affiliate programs.

Of course, you will want to offer Christian products such as Bibles, Bible Studies, Christian books, etc., but you can (and should) venture beyond the exclusively “Christian” types of products to the things your overall audience would need or want.  A Christian parenting blog, for example, can recommend general products for kids.

Regardless of the types of products you wish to recommend or promote, it is important that you understand the role SEO plays in the overall success of your affiliate links. You must first write content that readers are looking for in Google searches. You also need to be intentional with how you are using your affiliate links. Don’t just randomly add them to blog posts just to have them there.

Christian Affiliate Programs

If you are looking for some affiliate programs for Christian-specific companies, these provide high conversions. Affiliate programs for Christian bloggers that offer a variety of products from Christian-inspired home decor to books to Bibles include:

  • DaySpring – DaySpring offers a wide selection of Bibles, Bible Journaling supplies, planners and other great products.
  • Cultivate What Matters – offers a beautiful selection of faith-inspired planners and journals.
  • Answers in Genesis – Educational material and books.
  • Nest Learning – Offers premier Christian homeschool resources.
  • Cratejoy – Offers a wide selection of different monthly subscription boxes, including some that are faith-themed.

Affiliate Programs for Christian Bloggers – General

There are a variety of high-converting affiliate programs by companies that are well-known to most readers. These aren’t “Christian-centric” but instead, offer a variety of products that might resonate with your audience.

  • Erin Condren – offers a wide selection of personal planners and planner accessories. These convert really well for most Christian bloggers because most women do use planners.
  • Ultimate Bundles – offers seasonal bundles of different products that appeal to most Christian blog audiences. The bundles are only offered 1-2 times per year and they provide you with all the marketing materials you need to promote them.
  • Target – offers a variety of general products (perfect for parenting and other niches) and books.

Affiliate Programs for Christian Bloggers – Craft & DIY

Craft affiliate programs tend to convert well because they offer products for things like Bible journaling and simply DIY products (mom-bloggers). I use these on both of my websites (and Pinterest) and these continually convert to sales every month. Craft and DIY affiliate programs can be used for offering resources for Bible journaling, creating DIY prayer journals, and also faith-inspired crafts for kids.

When you click on any of these, if they don’t automatically direct to the affiliate signup page, scroll to the bottom of the page and you’ll see “affiliates” in the footer section.

Affiliate Programs for Christian Bloggers – Amazon

Amazon is typically one of the first programs most Christian bloggers will join. If you haven’t yet joined them, I recommend you hold off until you’ve figured out how to properly SEO your content.

If you didn’t know, you must make 3 qualified sales within the first 180 days or they kick you out of the program. As a new blogger, this can be a challenge. But if you have somewhat mastered the art of SEO and are already seeing organic traffic to your blog posts, then you can and should join the Amazon program because they are one of the most well-known places to shop and offer free shipping (with Prime).

If you have already joined and are struggling to get your Amazon links to convert, be sure you are writing your content for SEO so they get found by readers looking for what you are trying to promote.

Affiliate Programs from Other Bloggers

Aside from the mainstream (commercial) affiliate programs, you can significantly increase your affiliate income and provide a wide variety of resources and products to your blog audience by becoming an affiliate for other bloggers!

If you can’t find the link to sign up from their website, simply email them or send them a message via their Facebook page.

Christian Affiliate Programs from Christian Bloggers

When looking for Christian affiliate programs to join as a Christian blogger, let’s not forget about other Christian bloggers who offer affiliate programs for their own faith-inspired products! Many of these offer an amazing selection of Bible studies, prayer guides, Bible journaling resources, and devotionals.

By adding these to your list of Christian affiliate programs to promote, you’ll be supporting these other amazing women of God in their blogging journeys as well.

FYI: If you are already an affiliate for a blogger via Payhip, you will need to sign up using a different email to join subsequent programs. Each email address (user profile) with Payhip can only be assigned to one affiliate program.

NOTE: If you are a Christian blogger that has products and you offer an affiliate program, please let me know! Shoot me a private message via FB messenger

  • Kingdom Bloggers – I offer an affiliate program through Gumroad where I sell Prayer journals and Scripture coloring pages. If you’d like to join, please send me a private message via Facebook and I can add you to it!
  • Bible Verses for You – Monthly Bible Reading Plan. (Create a Gumroad account and contact Natalie via her blog contact form and include the email you used to sign up on Gumroad.)
  • Undoubted Grace – Ashley has a variety of Bible Reading Plans, journals, and more!
  • Ladies Drawing Nigh – Bible Study Journal (Create a Gumroad account and contact Teresa via her blog’s FB Page and include the email you used to sign up on Gumroad).
  • Megan Allen Ministries – Bible Study Journal (Create a Gumroad account and contact Megan via her blog’s FB Page and include the email you used to sign up on Gumroad).
  • Susan Davis – Scripture coloring pages, Bible Study Resources (Sign up here.)
  • Arabah Joy – Bible studies, Bible study resources, prayer journals. (Reach out to her via her FB page or her blog contact form to inquire about joining.)
  • Flourishing Today – Bible Study Journals, Reading Plans, etc
  • Women Loving God’s Way – Prayer Journals and Prayer Resources
  • Sarah FrazierĀ – Bible study resources
  • Woman of Noble Character – Bible studies, Bible journaling, Christian marriage
  • The Holy Mess – Bible journaling, Healthy Eating/Fitness, Depression resources
  • JoDitt Designs (Bible Journaling Resources and Templates) (You’ll need to first either make a purchase or download one of her free products to get your account set up. Then you can join the affiliate program from your profile dashboard.)
  • Tiffany @ Hope Joy in Christ – Christian marriage resources
  • Connie @ Masters Hand Collection – Scripture Art (Sign Language)
  • One Exceptional LifeĀ – Joyful Living and Gratitude Resources
  • Faithful Finish Lines – Healthy Living

Affiliate Programs for Parenting Niche Bloggers

Whether you are seeking parenting resources for the Christian mom or pregnancy and breastfeeding, here are some affiliate programs you’ll want to check out!

Also, be sure to join the Ultimate Bundles affiliate program. This program offers different Bundles throughout the year catering to a variety of niches (including the faith niche). The products in these bundles are products from other bloggers.

How to Scale Your Affiliate Marketing Success

Most Christian bloggers really struggle with affiliate marketing because it seems there aren’t very many “faith” affiliate programs to join. The truth is, however, that there ARE a lot of products that do well on a Christian niche site – they just aren’t necessarily managed by a “Christian” company.

Also, most Christian bloggers simply don’t understand the right way of creating content for affiliate marketing success.

There are 2 simple principles to being able to generate consistent monthly income with affiliate marketing:

  • You must have organic traffic (SEO) from Google (not traffic stemming from Facebook sharing).
  • That traffic should stem from organic searches for money-making keywords

I created Affiliate Marketing for Christian Bloggers to show you exactly how to write content that generates the right traffic for those affiliate links to convert to sales.

This course is designed specifically for bloggers in the faith niche – whether your content focuses on Bible studies and spiritual growth or if it is a combination of content such as Christian parenting or marriage.

Either way, this course will help you understand how to create content for your site that generates the right organic traffic for affiliate conversions.

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