Using Instagram Stories for Your Blog

Have you used Instagram stories to send traffic to your Christian blog?

If you haven't tapped into this under-utilized traffic resource, you really should! While they may not send a ton of traffic, this method will most likely send you more traffic than your regular IG posts do!

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How to Get Blog Traffic From Instagram Stories

Unlike Instagram posts and reels, IG stories are the only place you can actually put a link to something on your blog that is clickable!

But don't go link crazy! People go to Instagram for what Instagram has to offer. They don't go there to be taken somewhere else to read a book!

The key is to balance using stories to just engage with your followers with a few to also get them to click over to your site.

Offer Value to Serve Your Audience

The most important thing to remember if your goal is to get traffic to your blog from your social platform is that you need to be offering value to your followers.

People go to social media for entertainment and education. They don't go there so you can tell them to go read your newest blog post.

Your IG stories should also offer value of some sort to them. For example:

  • daily tips for reading the Bible
  • daily tips for moms
  • how-to tips

IG Stories are a great way to regularly (but not annoyingly) showcase important resources or content on your blog.

A great example of this is my monthly Bible reading plans. Each month, I send a new reading plan to my subscribers. The printable resources are on a page on my site. I will make a story that says something like “Need a new Bible Reading plan for next month?” and include a couple of images of the extras that come with it.

I always get traffic from that story! I share another similar story during the first week of the month as well (and get more clicks).

But I don't share stories with links to my blog every single day. Most days, I'm just sharing a verse of scripture or other Bible study tips. So when I do share something with a link, my readers already know that I offer value so they are more likely to click the link and check it out.

Optimize Your IG Bio

Your IG bio should say what you offer! And your “link in bio” should be a dedicated page with very specific links that provide value!

Stories for Clicking

It is important that you don't just make stories with blog links in them. Ensure you are also sharing just regular stories that offer encouragement, tips, or other value.

Here are a few things you could make story pins for that may intrigue your followers to want to click that link:

  • free printables for kids
  • free printable Bible reading plan
  • free printable (anything)
  • free checklist (specific to your audience)
  • resource (specific to your audience)
  • link to your new Etsy shop
  • link to your new Youtube account
  • link to your new TikTok account

So, get creative! Start making some simple story pins to share each day.

You can use premade templates in Canva or just make your own template.

If you don't already have valuable resources (not just blog posts) on your site, then I would definitely prioritize making some so you have great stuff to send your IG followers to!

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