What Should Be on My Link in Bio Page

Are you active on social media but haven’t quite figured out how to convert your social followers into blog visitors?

The truth is that people use social media for an entirely different reason they follow blogs or Google topics that lead them to blogs.

The key to converting social followers to blog visitors is to ensure you are offering them something valuable and laying it out in a way that makes it easy to comprehend from a mobile device.

Your “link in bio” page is a crucial part of this strategy!

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How to Optimize Your Link in Bio Page

Your social media “bio” section is important for converting social followers to blog visitors. There are a few things you want to ensure you optimize in your bio for maximum conversion potential.

Optimize Your Social Bio

Before you put a link for them to click, ensure your bio offers a clear message of what you are offering them if they click!

  • Free Bible Study Resources
  • Free Printables
  • Prayer Resources
  • Parenting Resources
Kingdom Bloggers Instagram Bio

Don’t use this section to say you are a Child of God and love coffee! Use this space to address their pain point and how you can help them with it!

1. Create it as a Page On Your Site

You may have seen some people using Linktree for the Instagram Link in Bio. Personally, I recommend creating a page on your site instead of using a 3rd party application.

Why? Simple – Why send traffic to Linktree when you can send it to your blog?

Gutenberg makes it super easy to create a “Linktree” style page right on your site!

2. Optimize it For Mobile

The most important thing to keep in mind when creating your “Link in Bio” page is that it must be optimized for mobile viewers!

What does that mean? It means not creating this page with a ton of content and stuff to read. Keep it simple and just use buttons or simple links.

Mobile viewers need quick and easy access. If they have to scroll and scroll to find anything – they won’t. Especially if they came via social referral.

Think of the design as being more “directional signs” vs “readable content.”

3. Link Only to Important Resources

There are so many things that you may feel are “important” and need to be on this page. Consider what your main goal is in getting them to your site. “Getting them to read my newest blog post” is not a good goal!

Ensure you are offering them something of value!

4. Things You Might Include

While traffic to your blog might be one of your main goals, you may have other goals as well. For example, I am currently building my Tiktok and Youtube Channels. So, I include follow links on my “link in bio” page to encourage more followers there.

Here are some additional types of links you might include on this page:

  • Links to Social Channels
  • Link to Youtube Channel
  • Link to your Bible Study Landing Page
  • Link to FB Group
  • Link to Etsy/Amazon Shop

So, there you have it! Your “link in bio” page is a crucial piece to getting your social followers over to your blog. But it is even more crucial that you intentionally design this page to address their pain points and make it super easy for them to find what they need so they’ll want to come back for more!

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