How to Get More Blog Traffic from Your Social Channels

As a Christian blogger, you are most likely super active on one or more social channels like Instagram, Facebook, or Tiktok.

The problem is that you spend way too much time promoting your blog posts on social media but you don’t actually see much traffic to your blog as a result of all that work!

Below, I’m going to share some helpful tips to show you how to use social media to actually drive traffic to your blog.

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How to Turn Social Followers into Blog Visitors

How much time do you spend each week promoting your blog posts on social media? Or maybe you are mostly posting various graphics or cute video reels?

Now, how much traffic to your blog does all of that effort translate to?

I would venture to say that you probably get very little blog traffic from all that time spent on social media!

You must understand that people go to social media for a much different reason than they search for topics on Google. Social media is more for entertainment and connection – not so much for reading a full-length blog post.

By understanding what your audience wants or needs while they are on a particular social platform, you can better create a strategy for getting them to at least visit your blog!

Serve Their Needs – Not Your Own!

The days of just sharing pretty pictures on Instagram are long gone. In order to see actual (organic) engagement and follower growth, your feed needs to actually serve a purpose that serves others.

Just sharing pictures of your life or graphics that say “new blog post” is NOT going to translate into engagement.

As a Christian blogger, you might be trying to help others grow stronger in their faith. Or maybe your blog offers actual Bible Study or Prayer resources.

Turn these ideas/topics into images and especially videos is where you’ll see the most fruit for your labor!

Also, get to know how your favored platform works. Don’t just randomly upload pics and videos.

For example, if you are on Tiktok, you’ll see much higher engagement when you add humor or fancy video editing. (These also work on IG).

Give Them a Reason to Visit Your Blog

Ok, you’ve grown an organic following and get tons of engagement on your posts. But how in the heck do you get them over to your blog?

The truth is that simply asking them to read your newest blog post isn’t going to work. People don’t really use social media as a way to find stuff to read.

However, if you have some awesome free resources on your blog that directly relate to how you are serving them on your social channel, then they just might bite!

For example, if your channel is all about prayer and you have a really great free prayer journal or maybe a free prayer resources library on your blog, this would be a great thing to entice them to actually stop by to check it out.

Or maybe your thing is helping women study and learn the Bible and grow stronger in their faith. If you have various (free) Bible study resources on your site, they’ll definitely want to check it out.

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Create a Link in Bio Page on Your Blog

Now here comes the important part!

You want to create a page on your site (page, not a post) that you design specifically for mobile users that links them to all the goodies your site has to offer!

You’ll design it to look somewhat how Linktree looks (if you’ve ever used it). Not only do you have more creative control over how this page looks, the link takes them directly to your blog (and sessions matter!).

Before you publish the page, make sure the edit the slug for the URL to something simple and memorable such as “/social” or “/Instagram” etc. This will make it easier for you and your readers to remember.

Here is an example of my Instagram bio link.

The Gutenberg editor makes it super easy to create colored buttons (similar to Linktree). But you can also add a few specific affiliate links, as well as a really great optin to get them to subscribe to your blog.

True story: I haven’t been active on my IG account in over a year but during that time, I still got traffic from my IG bio link!

This strategy works for other channels as well.

You can link to your “bio page” on your blog’s Facebook page and in your private Facebook group.

You can also link to your bio page on Tiktok as well but you must convert your account to a business account AND have at least 1000 followers first.

Of course, there are other social channels that you might be active on that I didn’t specifically mention. But the bio page works the same for all of them.

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