6 Reasons to Love the Inspire Bible Large Print

If you love to color your favorite Bible verses then you will absolutely love the Inspire Bible Large Print! This beautiful coloring and journaling Bible brings your Bible study to a whole new level with the different images to bring your favorite verses of Scripture to life.


Inspire Bible Large Print

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Reasons to Love the Inspire Bible Large Print

I absolutely LOVE my large-print Inspire Bible! I have several different coloring Bibles and this one, by far, is my favorite for so many reasons.

Not only does it come in this larger print version, but it also comes in two beautiful bright colors and really reflects the beauty found in knowing Christ.

The Tyndale Inspire PRAISE Bible has all of the great features the #1-selling Inspire Bible has, but with even more beautiful line-art illustrations to color – and now with even larger font! The Inspire PRAISE creative Bible comes with nearly 500 all-new full- and partial-page Scripture illustrations attractively displayed throughout!

Bonus features of this journaling Bible also include even thicker Bible paper & 32 colorful, transparent, praise-themed pages. Leave traces of faith―and PRAISE―throughout this coloring Bible for a treasure that will truly inspire!

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Fun Way to Dive Into the Word

Bible coloring journals are such a fun and creative way to study the Bible. Let’s be honest – simply reading through the Bible with nothing but black text isn’t memorable.

I sometimes would read through a verse several times and still not have it “stick” in my head.

But with a coloring Bible, you can bring the verse to life with by coloring the images and adding your own quotes and doodles that really help you to keep them fresh in your mind long after.

But when you take the time to color an image that brings to life the verse – it sticks with you a lot stronger than simply just reading it. Creative Bible journaling is also a great way to enjoy group Bible study in a less formal way that everyone will enjoy and remember what they read.

Easy to Read the Text

The older I get, the worse my vision gets. Seriously! I wear contacts AND readers and still can’t read the text in my regular Bible. I also have several other coloring Bibles in the standard text size, but I’m not able to really do much reading in them because I just can’t make out the words.

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Makes Coloring so Much Easier

When I found the Inspire Bible large print, I was so excited! Why? Because with the regular version of the Inspire Bible, I always had a hard time staying in the lines when coloring the images. Some of the intricate details like petals and leaves were just too small for me to actually make out.

With the Inspire Bible large print, the images and graphics provide a much larger coloring space so you aren’t as like to go outside the lines. Even with some of the more detailed graphics, I can still see them well enough to stay within the lines.

More Space for Creative Additions

For those who really go all-out with their creative Bible journaling, the Inspire Bible large print provides much larger areas to add your own personal touches. Whether you like to add free-hand designs or trace from templates, you have a much larger surface to draw on – and still have ample room to add study notes.

If you are just getting started and aren’t quite sure where to begin or what to add, you can read Bible Journaling for Beginners which has some super helpful tips for getting started.

It Comes in 2 Color Options

I’ve had the original Inspire Bible in the beautiful turquoise color for a while. But let me tell you! My favorite color is purple so I was ecstatic to find out they released a new version in purple! The purple Inspire Bible large print is just as wonderful as the original one but has different graphics and designs throughout (different from the ones in the turquoise version.

inspire bible large print

It is Just So Pretty

Seriously y’all!  The Inspire Bible large print is just so beautiful!

We are so used to the traditional Bible that comes in black or maybe a dark brown. For me, however, having a Bible is brighter colors really drives home the idea of the light of Jesus. Jesus is the light.

Jesus is beautiful. And now, so is the packaging of His Word!

I especially love the new purpose version because they added some features that aren’t in the original turquoise version.

The purple Inspire Bible large print has several velum pages throughout the book which have beautiful drawings and images. These can be laid over another page and you can see the verses through them.

The Inspire Bible Large Print Doesn’t Disappoint!

If you have vision issues and are needing a large print Bible that is fun and interactive, you’ll definitely want to get the Inspire Bible Large Print. Not only is it just absolutely gorgeous, but it also provides a fun and creative way to spend more time reading the Bible.

My teen daughter actually wanting the large print version so she could add her own drawings and quotes and stuff like that.

She gets together with her friends at the local coffee shop on Saturdays and they spend a good couple of hours making their own designs with different verses of Scripture.

I’d love to hear your feedback! Do you use the Inspire Bible? Let me know how you are enjoying it!

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