2 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic with Bible Verses and Scripture

Bible verses and Scriptures are some of the top-searched terms in search engines and on Pinterest. Since these are also important elements of most Christian blog posts, it is important to learn how to leverage that to increase traffic to your blog.

Think about some of the things you may have searched for online. When going through a struggle, have you ever Googled something like “bible verses to help my marriage” or something like that? I know I am constantly going to the Internet to look up Bible verses because, well, because it is just a much quicker way to get the answer since most of us aren’t experts on where to find what in the Bible.

By writing content focused around certain verses or topics for verses, you can significantly increase the traffic to your Christian blog.

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How to Increase Blog Traffic with Bible Verses

One of the most hopeful things I’ve learned since diving into SEO research as a Christian blogging coach is that people ARE searching for God online. Of course, most “trending lists” and other reports that you come across will highlight everything but God as far as the top searches for a given year. But just because they aren’t listing religion doesn’t mean people aren’t searching for it!

“Bible verses about…” and “Scriptures for…” are some of the most common types of Google searches in relation to faith content.

increase traffic to your blog

As Christian bloggers, we obviously will include various verses of Scripture in our content. It is important to understand how to use Bible verses to not only help our readers but to also increase the traffic to our blogs. Why? Because the more traffic to our content, the more people being able to learn and embrace the love of Jesus!

There are 2 basic ways to increase traffic to your blog with Bible verses:

Organic Search Engine Traffic

Since Bible verses and Scriptures are such a common search term in Google, it is important to keep that in mind when creating your content. While some Christian blogs do focus solely on Bible study type content, others focus more on specific seasons of life (such as parenting).

Regardless of where you fall on the type of content, there is always a place for focusing on specific Bible verses about specific topics.

Target Bible Verse Search Queries

Early on in my SEO research for Christian blog content ideas, I found that “What does the Bible Say About….” was a VERY common search query. Seriously! People are asking Google about Biblical references for everything under the sun – including dinosaurs, unicorns, and tattoos! More seriously, they are asking about things like abortion, divorce, death, and other more serious, personal topics.

Instead of going to a local church or asking a Pastor, more and more people are going to Google for Biblical advice and research. So it makes sense for us, as Christian bloggers, to be offering content that answers their questions. They are also searching for specific bible verses and prayers to pray about different things.

  • What Does the Bible Say About Everything
  • Prayer for Everything
  • Bible Verses About
  • Scriptures to pray for

Can you fit any of these into your regular content plan? One of our posts here on Kingdom Bloggers, Praying for a Rebellious Teenager, is currently on Page One and is the featured snippet for the keyword!

increase traffic to your blog

The easiest way to get started with writing these Bible verse posts to drive more traffic to your site is to take advantage of what you’ve already written. Find an older post that is heavy on a particular Scripture topic. Then write a new post that rounds up these verses of Scripture. For example, if you had a post about how to raise Godly children, you could take all of the Scripture used in that post (and maybe add some more) and write a post along the lines of “15 Bible Verses About Raising Godly Children” or “8 Scriptures to Pray Over Your Child.”

More Traffic From Pinterest

Bible verses, Faith Quotes, and Prayers are some of the most popular content found on Pinterest. With the right pin image, you will see a drastic increase in traffic to your site from those promoting lists of Scripture.

One of the best things about Pinterest is that you have the ability to change up your title from what it shows on Google results. A post about anything that includes a list of reference Scripture can easily be promoted as “XX Bible Verses About” or “XX Scriptures to Pray Over…” even if the “list” isn’t the point of the post.

I had a post that was titled “What Does the Bible Say About Time Management.” It did OK on Pinterest with the title pin that I first added. A few months after publishing the post, I created a brand new image for it that focused on the Bible Verses about Time Management and it went a bit viral.

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Then, as you begin writing new content, go ahead and create a second image with a title focusing on the Scripture included in the post. You can search on Pinterest for some of the more popular Bible Verse topics that are trending on Pinterest.

Simply type “bible verses about (or for)” and you’ll see some suggestions in the dropdown menu. Once you select one, the results page will often have additional categories listed at the top of the feed.

Bible Verses Are a Great Way to Help Increase Blog Traffic

As Christian bloggers, we are already sharing God’s message by referencing Scripture to back up the encouragement and direction we offer through our content. We can tremendously increase the number of people getting their spiritual fill by using the verses in a way that drives more traffic to our sites.

For anything that you’ve already written, create a new post that is centered around those particular Bible verses. Make sure these new posts are optimized for SEO so they’ll be picked up by search engine crawlers as well as Pinterest. Then, as you start working on your blog content plan for the next few months, be sure to include some Scripture-focused content to mix with the other posts you’ll be writing.

How the Pin Looks Matters!

Many Christian bloggers will simply add a single verse of Scripture to a pin and add it to Pinterest. While this may get a lot of saves to a “Faith Quotes” board, it won’t always drive traffic back to your site. The important thing to remember with pinnable images is that it needs to indicate that it leads to more content.

Instead of just putting a single verse on the pin, give it a title such as “10 Bible Verses About Judging Others” or something like that.

And definitely, take advantage of Pinterest! Like I said before, this is one of the top searches in Pinterest so you can definitely benefit from that kind of traffic.

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