7 Best Christian Subscription Boxes for Women of Faith

Are you looking for a Christian subscription box to gift yourself or a loved one?

Christian subscription boxes are the perfect gift! Why? Because who doesn't love getting a nice, faith-inspired surprise in the mail every month?

Faith-based Subscription boxes are sort of like gifts that keep on giving because the recipient will get a new one each month filled with some amazing faith-inspired goodies to help her keep close in her walk with God!

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What is a Christian Subscription Box?

Subscription boxes are bundles of themed goodies that you can order to be delivered to yourself – or someone else – each month. Christian subscription boxes are the same, but the “goodies” included in each month's box are faith-inspired.

Each Christian subscription box mentioned below, although faith-inspired, focuses on different types of products meant to help you (or the recipient) grow in their walk with Christ.

Some of the items that are typically found in Christian subscription boxes include pocket devotionals, books by Christian authors, Scripture cards, faith-inspired jewelry, faith-inspired wall decor, Christian-themed T-shirts, and even self-care products such as scented lotions.

Why Give a Christian Subscription Box?

When shopping for the perfect gift, you want to send something that shows how much you care. You also want to give something they can actually use.

Christian subscription boxes make the perfect gift because they are so versatile.

  • A Christian subscription box can be a one-time or a recurring gift.
  • A Christian subscription box enables you to share Jesus in a creative and unique way.
  • Christian subscription boxes offer something for everyone.
  • A Christian subscription box never gets boring.
  • You can find the perfect Christian subscription box tailored to your individual loved ones' preferences.

Below are the most popular monthly Christian subscription boxes so you can find the one that best suits the loved ones on your Christmas shopping list!

  • Faithbox
  • The Believer's Box
  • Bette's Box of Blessings
  • Love + Blessed Box
  • The Butterfly Box
  • The Delilah Box
  • Hopebox

The Best Christian Subscription Box

Christian subscription boxes for women are just such a great gift idea for your favorite Christian woman. These boxes offer a variety of inspirational and encouraging books, devotionals, decor, and more. Instead of having to think of one single thing to get her, these boxes will bring her a new box of goodies each month (or quarter).

These are also great gifts to give yourself as part of your own spiritual growth and self-care! Plus, who doesn't love a surprise to look forward to each month in the mailbox?

Faith Box monthly subscription box filled with religious and faith inspired goods

Faith Box 

My favorite Christian subscription box is the Faithbox.

Faithbox is the #1 Christian subscription box for women and is an exciting way to promote positive Christian living by helping people grow in their faith journey and strengthen their relationship with Christ! Each month has a different theme to help you focus on different parts of your faith. And a bonus is that the companies they partner with for Faithbox create ethical, eco-friendly products.

Faith Box includes:

  • Everyday Faith: a daily devotional that we publish every month to help keep you centered with Christ!
  • Impact Guide: Gives a detailed description of each product included, where it came from, the impact it has, etc.
  • A variety of hand-picked items from Christian companies that do good.
  • Items include jewelry, accessories, Christian books, art, decorations, and more!

Check out some of the amazing Faith Box Reviews to see just how awesome this subscription box really is!

The Believer's Box monthly subscription box showing the goodies inside

The Believer's Box

The Believer's Box is a monthly Christian subscription box for women that includes between 5-7 faith-inspired things such as a frameable print, inspiring Christian jewelry, Scripture cards, beauty/wellness products, and various other items. You'll also receive 3-5 faith-inspired t-shirts throughout the year. It is a great selection of items for the low monthly price!

The Believer's Box is like the faith-inspired subscription box that keeps on giving! It is perfect for the Christian woman who also enjoys giving back! For every box shipped, a meal will be donated to the Christian non-profit organization – Food for the Poor.

The Believer's Box has two options – a bag or a box. The box includes 7-9 items and the bag includes a print, shareable cards, and one lifestyle item from that month’s box.

bettes box of blessings subscription box filled with monthly goodies

Bette's Box of Blessings

Bette’s Box of Blessings can help you share your love, faith, and God’s Word with premium Christian gifts delivered every month. It is a Christian subscription box based on the popular verses of scripture – “LOVE ONE ANOTHER.” – three simple words that Jesus commanded us to do.

Each box is bursting at the seams with gifts that are of great value – not only dollar value – but more importantly, spiritual value. It is like having a personal Christian book of the month club with added goodies!

Bette's Box of Blessings includes:

  • The Best Value in Christian Boxes
  • Every Box has a value of $60 to $80 or More!
  • Each Box is Built Around an Encouraging or Uplifting Theme
  • Christian Gifts to Bless You and Others
  • Includes Premium Christian Books, Music, Greeting Cards and Other Gifts
Love and Blessed subscription box filled with faith inspired goodies

Loved + Blessed

The Loved and Blessed subscription box is a monthly membership community and monthly faith-based subscription box for Christian women. If you want to live life encouraged, no matter your situation, then this membership is perfect for you! It isn't the typical subscription box that focuses on products. Instead, it is more like care packages with God-inspired, right-on-time messages to help you grow in your faith be more hopeful.

The Love and Blessed Subscription Box include:

  • Monthly boxes of encouragement – care packages to uplift your spirit.
  • Monthly life application workbooks – to support your spiritual growth and help you put the Word into action
  • Weekly Video Lessons – Join us live in our private Facebook group or watch the replays through your membership account
  • Online community fellowship – make new friends and share prayer requests
  • Access to our past video lessons and workbooks in the membership library
an open Butterfly subscription box showing all of the faith inspired goodies inside

The Butterfly Box

The Butterfly Box is a wonderful Christian subscription box that offers hand-selected items to help you live out your faith in the world around you. And like many of the previous faith-based subscription boxes already mentioned, the Butterfly Box donates a portion of their proceeds charities. This one specifically supports educational programs in Kenya!

  • Hand-selected items thoughtfully chosen for you.
  • Ten percent of our net proceeds are donated to BEAM Kenya who advocates fro the emotional, spiritual and educational needs of impoverished children in Kenya through their robust scholarship program.
  • 5 to 6 items such as Christian jewelry, artwork, Christian books, decor, personal pampering items, faith sharing cards, and other specialty items.
  • Christian products are chosen to bring reminders of Jesus into your home monthly.
  • Each month will be designed to illustrate a biblical theme and encourage spiritual growth.
the delilah box

The Delilah Box

Do you have a friend that loves to read Christian-themed books? The Delilah Box is a Christian book of the month club created to highlight and uncover the lesser-known, lesser-liked. and more questionable women of the Bible. Each month focuses on a “bad girl” of the bible. You will receive a minimum of 2 books, a study brochure & 2-3 additional items. (Tea, Candle, Bible journaling, jewelry, accessories).

The Delilah Box includes:

  • Give your loved one moments of joy and surprise through a very unique, memorable gift.
  • Receive a minimum of 2 books each month, plus 2-3 additional items
  • Monthly Christian Book Club with Study Brochure
  • Grow your Faith through Women of the Bible, Study brochures and Christian Fiction Novels.
a Hopebox christian subscription box filled with faith inspired goodies


Looking for a gift for someone who embraces self-care and spa treatments? Why not combine that with a little bit of Jesus?

Hopebox is the perfect self-care Christian subscription box! Personalized monthly encouragement with a curated selection of uplifting handmade goodies.

Each box includes a variety of women of faith gifts such as Christian books, aromatherapy, Christian jewelry, candles, snuggle buddies, organic soaks, scrubs, masks, and more, all meticulously selected from creative artisans who infuse their own inspiring stories of hope and healing into every handmade piece.

Each self-care product is full-sized, vegan, and cruelty-free.  Available in 3 different sized boxes. Also, each month's box is crafted around the holiday/seasonal themes which offers some great products that smell great!

The Hopebox subscription would make an excellent Christmas gift, but also would be great for other times like birthdays, Mother's Day, Secretary's Day, etc.


Christian Subscription Boxes Make the Perfect Anytime Gift!

If you are looking for the perfect gift for the women of faith in your life, a Christian subscription box should definitely be at the top of your shopping list! Instead of just shopping for random gifts they may never actually use, these are filled with elements of faith they can easily use daily.

I seriously want to order all of these for myself and my family/friends! To be honest, there is so much included in these monthly subscription boxes that I would most likely not use everything included each month.

But that's ok because I could pull out the things I don't use and use them for my own gift baskets to give out during the holidays (office parties, life-group gatherings, etc).

In addition to these Christian subscription boxes, you'll also find a huge selection of monthly subscription boxes for just about any occasion and for any age on Cratejoy.

Have you bought any of these yet? Which Christian subscription box is your favorite and why?

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