The Best Christian Gifts for Women for Any Occasion

Are you looking for the best Christian gifts for women that are sure to please? And we aren’t just talking about Christmas! Gift-giving is a year-round task with so many holidays and “just because” days to celebrate her!

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Or maybe you are simply looking for Christian-inspired gifts for Mother’s Day, her anniversary, graduation, birthday, or just because she is awesome – there are plenty of wonderful and thoughtful faith-inspired gifts for every Christian woman on your shopping list!

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The Best Christian Gifts for Women

Finding the perfect gift for Christian women is actually much easier than you might think. Speaking from experience (as a Christian woman), I love to receive any gift that reminds me of God and His love for me. This can come in the form of simple wall decor and coffee mugs to more intimate things such as faith-inspired jewelry and trinkets.

When deciding on the perfect gift for your favorite Christian woman, think of the things she is most interested in that don’t really relate to faith and add a sprinkle of Jesus to it! 

Things such as coffee mugs, wall art, jewelry, and other trinkets are available with Bible verses and other faith-inspired designs.

Also, something as simple as a new Bible or tools to improve or expand her Bible study time make excellent gift ideas.  And if you really want to leave an impression, several of the items on this list can be put together to make the perfect Christian woman gift basket!

Bible Gifts for Christian Women

The best gift for any Christian woman would be something that helps her grow stronger in her faith. Things like a new Bible or a pretty cover to protect the one she already has. Other great religious gift ideas for Christian women include other bible study materials such as devotional books and prayer journals. She can never have enough of these!

A New Bible

A new Bible is an excellent gift to give any woman of faith! This would be the perfect women’s ministry gift idea.

There are many different styles and options to choose from, including study bibles, coloring bibles, and devotional-style bibles.

bible gifts

Bible Case or Cover

Instead of buying a new Bible, why not gift her a cover or case for the one she has? These bible covers make the perfect gift for Christian women because they reflect her faith AND are super fashionable!


Another wonderful gift idea for your favorite Christian woman is to give her some additional faith-inspired reading material! These popular devotional books make perfect gifts alone – or paired with something else like a journal for taking notes.

In addition to the Devotionals listed above, you might find some additional ideas from these:

Any of these devotional gifts, along with anything else on this list would make an excellent gift basket!

Journals and Prayer Journals

When in doubt about what gift to get a Christian woman, you can never go wrong with prayer gifts! Gifting her a new prayer journal or journaling notebook will make you her favorite holiday gift giver!

Christian women love their journals! These come in handy during her Bible study time and she can quickly fill them up so a new one is always welcomed – making them the perfect gift for any Christian woman on your list!

Gifts for Christian Women on the Go

Is very common to see women using personal mugs or tumblers to take their favorite beverage with them when they are out and about. These make excellent gifts for Christian women because Christian women use these to broadcast their faith proudly wherever they go!

Whether your woman of faith chooses coffee or something healthier like water, these travel mugs make the perfect sisters in Christ gifts for women on the go!

Christian Gifts for Women – Home

Christian women love to decorate their homes with reflections of their faith. Coffee cups, wall art, decorative throws and pillows, and much more.

While most people may not consider a coffee cup as “decor,” I can assure you she has a nice collection on a shelf somewhere! Additionally, faith-inspired decor, blankets/throws, and really anything with a hint of Jesus makes the perfect gift for any Christian woman on your holiday shopping list!

Wearable Christian Gifts for Women

Faith-inspired apparel makes perfect gifts because most Christian women LOVE to wear their faith! Faith-inspired T-shirts are probably the most popular because you can get them with her favorite verse.

The newest trend is the Christian face mask!

I, personally, think these would make excellent Christian best friend gifts since fashion is often something BFF’s have in common!

Unique Gifts for Christian Women

I saved the best for last! One of the best gifts for Christian women is a monthly Christian subscription box!

Why do these make the ultimate religious gift for your favorite Christian woman? Because the gift continues coming long after the holiday is over!

There are so many to choose from to get the exact one that is perfect for her. These boxes are loaded with Bible study tools, devotionals, faith-inspired jewelry, and other goodies and are packaged up and delivered right to her mailbox each month.

She will totally see you as her favorite gift-giver throughout the year!

Your Favorite Christian Woman Deserves the Best!

Now you are probably thinking how hard it will be to pick just one of these amazing religious gifts for the women you love, right? Well, I’m sure she won’t be disappointed no matter which one you choose.

All of these show a heart-felt desire to give her something that helps to keep her faith strong and let her know that you put some real thought into getting her the perfect gift this Christmas.

Whether you are shopping for your wife, a sister, a co-worker, a teenage daughter, a friend from church – any of these Christian gifts for women will be much appreciated!

And don’t forget to gift yourself one while you are here!

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