Artza Box Review: A Journey Through the Holy Land

Have you heard of the Artza Box?

There’s something truly magical about receiving a package in the mail, especially when it contains a piece of a distant and historically rich land.

The Artza Box subscription offers just that – a delightful journey through the Holy Land, delivered to your doorstep.

Artza Box goes beyond the traditional subscription box experience, offering subscribers a thoughtful curation of handpicked items that represent the essence of the Holy Land.

Each quarterly box takes you on a themed adventure through the region, showcasing its diverse and storied heritage.

From the picturesque landscapes to the rich spiritual history, Artza Box captures the Holy Land’s essence beautifully.

Woman holding an Artza Box showcasing the contents

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What is an Artza Box

An Artza box is a quarterly subscription box filled with products designed to take you on a journey through the Holy Land of Israel.

It offers a fantastic opportunity for individuals and families to connect with the culture and heritage of this biblical land.

It’s a way to bring the spirit of the Holy Land right to your doorstep, creating a sense of connection and appreciation for this remarkable part of the world.

One of the standout features of the Artza Box is the premium quality of the items included in each box.

From authentic artisanal goods to beautifully crafted souvenirs, you’ll find products that have been carefully selected to represent the Holy Land’s unique culture and heritage.

From traditional olive wood products and aromatic spices to beautifully illustrated art prints, each item tells a story, offering a connection to a region that holds immense significance for millions worldwide.

These boxes are filled with a variety of products designed to give you a taste of the Holy Land.

Following in the path of Jesus, these boxes take you on a journey to learn about the people, the culture, and food, and more!

Additionally, these subscriptions support local artisans and small businesses in the Holy Land, helping to sustain their craft and preserve the rich cultural traditions of the region.

How much does an Artza Box cost?

There are 4 boxes released each year. You have the option to buy a single box or pay for all 4 (and save 10%).

A single box is $94.99, however, the annual plan $399.99 making each box only $84.99.

If you sign up today through my referral link you can save 20% off your order using code KINGDOM20 at checkout!

overhead view of an open Artza subscription box showing the contents

What Comes in an Artza Box

Each Artza box contains up to 9 carefully selected hand-crafted items from Israeli artisans, charities, families and farmers.

These include things like unique foods, exotic spices, hand-painted artwork, ceramics, beauty products, and other items for the home.

It also includes postcards and other printed material which provides the story of the individual artisans and business owner’s whose products are in the box.

The variety of items is really amazing and has something for everyone.

Artza Box food items

The food items include different snacks which are always super tasty.

And you get a new spice along with a recipe to use it in.

Artza Box glass art plate

I absolutely love the artwork and craft items that are included.

From candles to decorative ceramics, these can add to your own home decor or give them as gifts or stocking stuffers for loved ones.

Artza Box beauty product

I’d say my favorite item is the beauty products. So far, I’ve received a green clay mask and a lavender face mousse.

I have to confess…. I did not share those!

My Review of the Artza Box

I order a LOT of subscription boxes! But this one is in a whole new level!

Everything is packed in really well to prevent damage in shipping. And it shipped super fast!

So far, I’ve reviewed 2 different boxes. You can watch my unboxing and review of each one below:

My Review of the Negev Artza Box

My Review of the Seven Species Artza Box

The Artza Box subscription is a wonderful way to experience the Holy Land in a unique and meaningful way.

It’s not just a collection of products; it’s a journey through history, culture, and tradition that brings the Holy Land closer to you.

Whether you’re seeking a taste of the region’s flavors, a touch of its artistry, or a deeper understanding of its significance, Artza Box is an exceptional subscription that offers a beautiful and authentic experience.

It’s an opportunity to explore, learn, and appreciate the treasures of the Holy Land from the comfort of your home.

I hope this review of the Artza Subscription box has inspired you to want one of your own!

While these are great for families to enjoy together, they also make great gift ideas for family and friends.

You could also give away the individual items as gifts if you dont’ keep them for yourself!

Also, the purchase of these boxes directly support small businesses in Israel.

With the war that is currently going on over there, many small businesses are struggling so this is a simple way we can support them from afar.

Get signed up today and use code KINGDOM20 to save 20% on your order.

And be sure to check out these additional Christian subscription boxes for even more gift ideas!

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