The Best Toddler Bibles for Preschoolers

Are you looking for a really good toddler Bible for your preschool-aged child?

It is no secret that reading with your child improves their learning later in life, as well as provides important “bonding” time with a parent in those early years. Too often, we simply focus on the “reading” part and not so much on “what” we are reading with them.

Bible study shouldn’t just be for the older kids who already know how to read! By teaching babies and toddlers the stories of the Bible, it sets them on a path of positive learning AND positive, moral growth. 

There are so many great toddler Bibles and Bibles for preschoolers and I’ve compiled a list of my Top 10 Favorites for you to browse through and hopefully find one you think your own child will enjoy.

best bible for toddlers

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What to Look For in a Toddler Bible

It goes without saying that your toddler won’t be the one reading their Bible. So why does it matter to get them a special one for their age? Why not just read your regular Bible to them?

Small children learn from picture stories. Toddler Bibles are perfect because they can understand what a picture is “saying” before they learn how to actually read the text. It can also help them as they do begin learning words and their meanings.

Some important factors that make a great Bible for a toddler include:

  • focuses on short stories instead of full Bible excerpts
  • lots of pictures
  • bright, vivid colors

Also, it is important to have more than just one! Keeping a toddler interested and engaged can be a full-time job. They can easily get bored looking at the exact same Bible every night.

Also, a single Toddler Bible can’t possibly have every single Bible story in it. Usually, the different ones offer a different variety of Bible stories to read to them.

Keeping a variety of age-appropriate Bibles for preschoolers that have different pictures and stories will help keep your toddler engaged and wanting to learn more!

If studying the Bible better is on your list of things to do this year, be sure to visit our Bible Study Resources page where you’ll find everything you need to make Bible study a regular part of your daily routine.

Must-Have Children’s Bibles for Toddlers and Preschoolers

All of these Bibles for toddlers teach the different stories of the Bible in a way that younger children can understand and relate to. It turns the stories into more of a “bedtime story” to keep younger kids engaged and wanting more.

They also help them to relate each story to something they can relate to in their own life – but in an age-appropriate manner. Make the most of reading at home with your child by reading the Bible together!

a child's first bible book cover

A Child’s First Bible is a collection of 125 of the most familiar Bible passages, from both the Old and New Testaments. Beginning with the story of Creation and ending with Revelation, the text is retold in simple words that a toddler can understand.

The Toddlers Bible book cover

The Toddler’s Bible was created specifically for 3-year olds. It introduces biblical main events and people in easy-to-understand Bible stories that toddlers can understand.

The Beginners Bible

The Beginner’s Bible® is one of the most moving and memorable Bible experiences a young child can have. This toddler’s Bible is where a child’s journey towards a lifelong love of God’s Word begins. Kids will enjoy reading the story of Noah’s Ark as they see Noah helping the elephant onto the big boat. They will learn about the prophet Jonah as they see him praying inside the fish.

Lift the Flap Bible Cover

The Lift the Flap Bible enables toddlers to join in the thrill of learning as they take part in each Bible story from the Old and New Testaments.

Toddler Bibles include the main biblical stories such as the story of Creation, Noah’s Ark, Jonah and the whale, Daniel and the Lions, and many more! And these stories are told in such a simple way so preschool-aged kids can truly understand and learn from.

Read and Share Toddler Bible cover

The Read and Share Toddler Bible is a delightful way to introduce little ones ages one to four to God’s Word. Gwen Ellis’s engaging retelling of Bible stories along with Steve Smallman’s colorful art communicates God’s Word clearly to small tots with short attention spans. Stories from both the Old and New Testaments include all-time favorites ranging from Creation, Noah, Moses, Abraham, Isaac, Joseph, David, to Jesus’ birth, miracles, death, and resurrection.

Lift the Flap Bible Stories for Toddlers cover

The timeless stories of the Bible are full of surprises in this vibrant, colorful lift-the-flap book. With secrets to discover and unfold on every page, Lift-the-Flap Bible Stories for Young Children brings God’s Word to life, from Adam and Eve to the story of Easter.

Read to Me Toddler Bible

The Read to Me Toddlers Bible is a padded hardcover board book with a plastic carrying handle. It features 20 well-known Bible stories that focus on God and His love and promises for us through Jesus. Simply told and beautifully illustrated, this will be a favorite among toddlers and young readers who will love to carry around their own Bible.

The Big Book of Bible Stories for Toddlers book cover

The Big Book of Bible Stories for Toddlers is an interactive and engaging new Bible storybook designed just for toddlers. With stories from both the Old and New Testaments, this big book means big fun and learning for little ones.

Family Bible Reading with Toddlers

Reading with your toddler is so important for them and for you. This is the perfect time to start teaching them about Jesus and for planting those stories of His love and kindness into their minds so they carry it with them as they grow.

These toddler Bibles are the perfect way to make learning the Bible fun, but to really teach them about God in a way their little minds will understand and remember. Help them get excited about talking about Jesus with other children – especially for those whose parents may not be teaching them about God!

Does your child have a favorite Bible or children’s book about Jesus? We’d love to add more to this list and hear which one your own kids have loved. Leave us a comment below and let us know!

Looking for a new Bible and not sure which one to get? Be sure to check out our recommendations for Bibles and Devotionals.

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