The Best Christian Housewarming Gifts

What do you get for a friend or family member that just moved into a new home? Or maybe someone just moved in across the street and you want to introduce yourself and welcome them to the neighborhood.

Don’t show up empty-handed! Give them a gift that will bless their home but is also practical and/or useful!

These are my top picks for Christian housewarming gifts.

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The Best Christian Housewarming Gifts

When I think of someone moving into a new home, I immediately think of ways to add a bit of Jesus to bless their house! Faith-inspired wall decor is usually at the top of my list! This is also a great way to make introductions with a new neighbor, whom you probably know nothing about. I mean, who doesn’t need to stuff on their walls?

Traditional Christian Housewarming Gift Ideas

When I think of Traditional housewarming gifts, for some reason I think of gift baskets. But, if I were moving into a new place, I’d love to receive a gift that lasts longer than whatever is in that basket.

For me, a traditional “Christian” housewarming gift might include simple faith-inspired wall decor that says “Bless this house” or something along those lines.

christian housewarming gifts

This Bless this Home canvas wall art would make a perfect backdrop for any home! The neutral colors enable it to match with any color of living room decor.

God Bless This Home wrought-iron design would make the perfect addition to a new front porch or front door!

Arthuryerkes Rustic Wood wall decor comes with 5 separate pieces that can be organized in different ways depending on the wall space.

Personalize Christian Housewarming Gift Ideas

Beyond just giving them something to hang on the wall, why not add a personalized touch to something more practical that they can actually use?

The best personalized Christian housewarming gift is a cutting board because they are both decorative and practical! They can choose to leave it hanging, or use it – totally up to them! I know personally, I love having a variety of sizes and materials for mine, depending on what I’m cooking. (Wood for veggies, glass or ceramic for meats, etc)

This tempered glass “Never Stop Praying” cutting board is so pretty they may just leave it hanging and never actually use it!

This personalized engraved wooden cutting board is absolutely beautiful! Choose from cherry, maple or walnut.

This smaller Bless this Home cutting board would be perfect for a smaller kitchen to add a little decor to the walls – but is also perfect for smaller cutting needs like cheese!

Catholic Housewarming Gift Ideas

No Christian (or Catholic) home would be complete without at least one beautiful cross adorning the wall. To be honest, I think most Christian and Catholic homes have at least a couple in every room of the house!

These decorative cross wall art ideas would definitely make a perfect housewarming gift.

This Victorian-style oak Crucifix wall cross with an antique gold finish is more of a traditional style cross perfect for any Catholic home.

This beautiful Rose and Barbed Wire cross looks like wood but is actually made of a polyresin. It has a rose down the center and barbed wire around the ends of the cross. This is probably one of my favorites listed here!

From Jeremiah 29:11, this beautiful, decorative wooden cross is perfect for any Christian or Catholic home! While I do have some “plain” crosses, I have more of this style with various Bible verses and quotes to give me a constant reminder of God’s many promises.

Be sure to also check out these other Christian gift ideas:

I hope this list gave you some great ideas for the perfect Christian housewarming gift for your new neighbors or your friends that just moved into a new home.

If they are friends, they will surely appreciate the fact that you took their faith into consideration when gift-shopping and these will surely bless them and their home!

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