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As a new Christian blogger, it can be quite overwhelming trying to understand all of the “techy” terms that come with blogging. Very few of us actually come from a tech background and often feel like we are reading a foreign language as we try to build our Christian blogs. To make it easier to navigate the blogging world, I’ve put together this blog dictionary specifically for Christian bloggers to help you understand all of those weird words and to help you sort of put them together to make sense.

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Christian Bloggers Blog Dictionary

Unlike most blog dictionaries, this one doesn’t give you the standard “technical” definition. I’ve tried to define each term in a way that makes more sense. And if there is a word in the definition that is also a blogging term, you can scroll through (alphabetically) to find the definition for it as well. I do update this pretty regularly with links to new video tutorials and other helpful information so be sure to get signed up for my Blogging Tips email at the bottom to be notified of any updates!

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As a Christian blogger, you truly have the power to reach millions with your content! In order to reach those people, though, you must understand how everything works together and how to write your content for search engines to find. If you need help in those areas, be sure to reach:


Download your Christian Bloggers Blog Dictionary Now!


More Help to Grow Your Christian Blog

One important step in creating a Christian blog ministry that really reaches people is to have a clear idea of who your blog content is meant for.  For help in defining your ministry, be sure to read:


You can also check out our Resources for Christian Bloggers which has all the tools that we use here on Kingdom Bloggers, along with some other great resources to help build your ministry. For even more blogging resources, you can sign up for your Christian Blogging Tips Newsletter below. This will get you access to our Subscriber Resource Vault which includes downloadable checklists, free graphics, and exclusive access to all of the premium blogging tips video tutorials that aren’t publicly available on our Youtube Channel!


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