13 Best Christian YouTube Channel Ideas

Are you getting ready to become a Christian YouTuber but aren’t quite sure what type of content to publish? There are actually a lot of different Christian YouTube channel ideas that you can choose from.

If you really think about it, any type of content can be considered “Christian” by simply adding biblical concepts to it.

If you are already a Christian blogger, adding video content and starting a YouTube channel can help you reach a new audience.

But if you don’t have a blog and simply feel called to being a Christian influencer, maybe video is where you are supposed to be!

Either way, these Christian YouTube channel ideas will help you figure out exactly where your talent belongs!

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Christian YouTube Channel Ideas

A Christian YouTube channel is a great way to reach new people with God’s Word. While many people may think “Christian YouTube” is its own vlogging niche, there are actually many different sub-niches within it.

Since SEO plays a huge role in your videos being found organically, it is important to focus on a more specific sub-niche of Christian content.

Below, I’ve listed several Christian YouTube channel ideas to help you decide what type of content you enjoy recording most. The first two are exclusively biblical content. The two after that are a mix of secular topics but from a biblical perspective. And the rest are mostly secular niches but we can always add some Jesus to them!

Bible Study

I guess the most obvious idea for a YouTube channel is to make it all about Bible study. You can create videos where you break down the different stories in the Bible. You could do chapter, topical, or character studies.

If you already do Bible study content on your blog, adding a video can really help boost organic traffic to the written content as well.

Bible Journaling

Another popular idea for a Christian YouTube channel is Bible journaling. You can make how-to videos and other similar types of tutorials to help anyone who wants to learn this fun and creative way to dive into Scripture. (This one is also highly monetizable!)

Christian Lifestyle

A Christian lifestyle YouTube channel has the ability to create a wide variety of video content and is very popular. Many younger Christian women choose this option to encourage other young women with simple tips for living a Godly lifestyle.

Christian Parenting

Christian parenting YouTube channels are also very popular. Moms like to connect with other moms and SEE how they manage their homes. This type of channel might share organization tips, recipes, discipline tips, and much more.

While some may choose to use their kids in the videos, you don’t have to include them to be successful. Obviously, privacy is a concern for everyone so you can easily blur out their faces.


The homeschool movement has really grown over the past couple of years. If you homeschool your kids and often create your own projects or have found products from others than have proved useful, this might be a channel idea for you.

You can create videos to do reviews of homeschool products, activities and craft projects, ideas for organization, and much more.

Homestead and Gardening

If you are an avid gardener or homesteader, you can create a YouTube channel to share tips and tricks and also share some biblical inspiration.

Like I said, anything secular topic can be made into Christian content!

Fitness and Healthy Living

Christian health and fitness is actually a growing trend. We can work on our physical bodies but if we don’t get right with God, we won’t be spiritually fit.

You can create video content that offers simple workout routines, wellness routines, and more. And you can incorporate scripture as a guide for everything.

Christian Business Tips

A Christian Business YouTube channel would offer tips and how-tos for anyone wanting to start a Christian-centered business.

This type of YouTube channel would focus on secular business topics, but with a focus on keeping God at the center of it.

Christian Entrepreneur Tips

There are many Christians who have the desire to step into entrepreneurship but aren’t really sure where to start.

This type of channel would offer tips and resources to help would-be entrepreneurs get started – along with biblical encouragement along the way.

Ministry Leadership

Ministry leaders today need to be up-to-speed on all thing technology and online marketing if they want to reach the newer generations.

A Christian YouTube channel offering tips and tutorials on all things ministry technology, leadership, and digital discipleship is a great way to equip and empower them in their calling.

Christian Dating Tips

This type of channel might be considered more of a lifestyle type channel but would basically focus on content that offers tips for Godly living in a dating environment.

Daily Devotionals

Daily devotionals are a huge search on YouTube! If you write your own devotional content, you could easily turn them into videos for a YouTube channel.

This is another great option for Christian bloggers who write devotional content to increase organic traffic.

Prayers and Prayer Resources

The final Christian YouTube channel idea involves video content related to praying and prayer.

You could create prayer videos, prayer journal tips and tutorials, and simple tips for improving your prayer life.

The truth is that you can turn any content into “Christian” content by incorporating biblical concepts and scripture into the content.

We need more Christian YouTubers because video is increasingly the top way that people consume content today.

As a Christian blogger, starting a Christian YouTube channel can not only help you reach a wider audience, but it can also help increase the traffic to your blog.

If you feel called to Christian vlogging, be sure to check out my tutorial for starting a Christian YouTube channel (which also has a free course to help you)!

And learn about what tools you need to invest in (on a budget) before getting started.

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