10 Dumbest Things Christians Argue About

Isn’t it funny how we, as Christians, can sometimes get sidetracked by the smallest things?

Even though we’re all about loving God and loving others, we occasionally find ourselves in some pretty silly squabbles over things that don’t really matter in the grand scheme of things.

Today, I thought we could have a little fun and take a look at the top 10 goofy things Christians argue about.

Let’s dive into these quirky quarrels that might just make you laugh, or at least shake your head in amazement.

Let’s not forget to love each other through these minor disagreements—after all, that’s what really counts!

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The Correct Bible Translation

I have to say that the #1 thing I see or hear Christians arguing about is the “correct” Bible translation other believers should be using! I’m sure God is losing a lot of sleep over that question!

It seems older Christians and/or those who’ve been raised in church tend to side with KJV and are completely against using any other version. I mean, to the point of getting kinda ugly in online conversations about it!

But for younger or newer to faith Christians, the modern translations just make more sense! Enough with the “thy” and “hath” already!

At the end of the day, we shouldn’t be arguing about which version is used. We should just be rejoicing (as God and the angels are) that someone is taking an interest in learning what the Bible offers!

Holiday Observances

Ok, when I first began my Christian walk as an adult in my early 40’s, I was so surprised to find that Christians like to argue about certain holidays.

You’d think they would all agree with Christmas and Easter since those are the two we tie directly to Jesus. But nope!

They argue about the physical dates associated with the holiday celebration. They argue about the Pagan origins of the holiday.

Then I found that Halloween is a source of HUGE contention in the Christian community! I’d say it’s about 50/50 for and against.

Crazy, right?

Any day of the year (whether considered a holiday by worldly standards or not) is a day to praise the Lord and to share the Gospel!

3 women having a picnic and toasting with glasses of wine

Food and Drink

To drink or not to drink?

Yes, Christian even argue over whether it is a sin to drink alcohol! But then the Pharisees and others called Jesus a drunk so I guess it is expected they’d still be arguing over this topic!

We can find references to drinking wine (in a positive context) throughout the Bible.

Political Affiliation

Political affiliation probably causes the biggest dive and is a topic surely to start an arguement in Christian circles.

If you are a Christian, you must vote xxxx!”

There is absolutely NOTHING in the Bible to back up that statement! It is also important to remember that a political party or candidate is not who or what we should be putting our hope or faith in!

So to argue so vehently over something that is 100% a worldly creation – well I’m sure God is thinking is thinking “Man, they really don’t learn anything!

Dress Code for Church

When I was a kid, we are dressed in our “Sunday best” for church. But times have changed. I have seen people practically in their pajamas show up for service.

I have heard some people in my own church get a bit uptight and start arguements with others over how someone is dressed. Especially if they are women wearing provocative or revealing clothing.

I can’t believe she showed up wearing THAT!” I’m sure you’ve heard those slightly muffled voices as you pass by a group of people at the coffee station.

The truth is that Jesus cared absolutely nothing about how people dressed. All He cares about is that they show up.

a group of 4 band members

Music Styles for Worship

This is the funniest thing I think Christians argue about!

Many “old school” Christians are adamant that worship must be with an organ and be “tamed” and low-key.

They argue that modern worship music is giving a foothold to the enemy with it’s rock and roll guitar and drum beats.

I’ve actually heard other Christians say that they won’t attend a certain church because of the kind of music (not the words but the actual style of music) they play.



To tithe, or not to tithe?

Christians argue over the idea of tithing to the church.

I get it. The enemy has caused many church leaders over time to abuse their positions and gain financially from the church tithes.

There is plenty in the Bible about the topic of tithing and giving your “first fruits” to God to multiply and do good for others.

But He also wants us to be “cheerful” givers and not give out of obligation or pressure.

The worst part of this arguement is that Christians publicly argue and shame churches on this topic. And what does that accomplish?

rear view of a woman standing before a congregation as if giving a sermon

The Role of Women in Church Leadership

Now this one is a doozy! Even in modern culture, there are many Christian communities who still believe that women have no place in church leadership.

They also like to focus on one or two specific verses which are often taken out of context.

Spoiler Alert – You have to read the full story!

There is plenty of evidence to support the fact that Jesus valued the input of women in ministry. Remember the Woman at the Well? He specifically chose a woman to go and spread the Good News.

But here we are in 2024 still arguing about whether women can preach or teach the Gospel!

How to Share the Gospel

Believe it or not, Christians actually argue about the “right way” to share the Gospel with non-believers!

We aren’t supposed to hang out with sinners. We can go here. We can’t go there.

That’s sounds a lot like the Pharisees of old!

My church gets a lot of backlash from other local churches about how we do our youth (high school) ministry. We host dodgeball tournaments and color wars at the local high school or on our property.

Many argue that we shouldn’t be spending church funds on such silly stuff that has nothing to do with church administration.

Many of these kids would never “attend church” for the sake of attending church. But they will surely come for a good game of dodgeball.

God says “find them” or “bring them” and He will do the rest.

Celebrity Witchcraft Association

Last but not least, what is the obsession with Christians arguing over whether a celebrity is a witch or not!

Lately, a certain young women (TS) has been the target of their obsession but there have been many before her.

These christians spend so much time and ugly energy online shaming celebrities and telling other Christians to stay away from them and not listen to their music or follow them on social media.

As I listen to these ridiculous arguements, I’m also trying to find where God says to do this in the Bible.

Oh wait! – HE DOESN’T!!!

So there you have it! 10 very dumb and ridiculous things that modern-day Christians continually argue about!

Look, when we, as followers of Christ, argue publicly about these insignificant things, we are actually helping the enemy – not God.

The enemy doesn’t want us to be unified. He wants us divided.

You think you are defending God or your faith, but you are not! You are falling right into the enemy’s trap!

Let’s stand united as one body of Christ followers and stop the nonsensical arguements in the social spaces!

Arguements accomplish nothing!

God doesn’t call us to defend Him or defend anything for that matter. Yes, we should stand boldly in our faith, but He calls us to love others and to share the Good News.

We must spend more of our breath talking about Jesus, not talking (arguing) about things that just don’t matter in the bigger picture!

What other silly or dumb things have you heard Christians arguing about lately?

10 Things Christians Argue About

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