Happy Mother’s Day!

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“Children are a gift from the LORD; they are a reward from him.” Psalm 127:3

I will always remember the feeling I had when I read Psalm 127 in its entirety. It felt like a large weight was lifted off my shoulders. Totally a cliché thing to say isn’t it? Yet, my desire in walking you through this passage is that you too feel a pressure in your motherhood lifted as we think about our motherhood and the power of the Gospel.

Mother’s Day is such a delightful time to honor moms and love on them for all they do. Afterall, we usually have quite the long list of responsibilities and things that weigh on us to do. If you are anything like me, being thanked feels good.

You might have a different set of circumstances that dictate your day, but here is a little taste of mine.

I usually get up between 3am and 4am. I shower and get ready for my day. After getting ready I spend some time in the Word of God and read a devotional. My mind is usually racing as I finish my first cup of coffee and if I end my quiet time with prayer, it is a good day.

Then my mind is off as I work on blogging, writing, and social media projects until my little boys get up. Usually as I work, I am prepping our meals for the day and thinking through everything that needs to be accomplished.

Once my boys are up, it is organized chaos. Four days a week I go into work, which entails a whole other line on responsibilities. On those days I am trying to pack diaper bags, get the boys dressed, fed, and ready by 8:30am.

When we finally get home there is stuff to put away, dinner to get on the table, and tired boys running around usually trying to undress themselves to take a bath.  Not to mention chores and animal care. The chickens must be watered, the dog must be fed, and the house must be in order.

If I spend the day at home, I am paying bills, taking the kids to appointments, trying to clean up all the messes, do laundry, prep healthy meals, play with my kids, doing DIY home projects, and rushing around until I collapse when the kids go to bed.

Sound familiar? Your day might be different, but I am willing to bet that the large number of things that you do look similar.

Amid all our daily grunge we are also trying to find time to be a mother and create a home. We are trying to find time to speak God’s love into our children, be a wife to a husband, and to cultivate a lovely environment.

Mama, I get tried. I know you do too. Sometimes it feels like an uphill struggle to build something that never gets finished.

What a beautiful spot to stop and now open our Bibles to Psalm 127.

One of the most popular Mother’s Day verses is Psalm 127:3 (NLT) where it says,

“Children are a gift from the LORD; they are a reward from him.”

I love that passage because it reminds us that our children are truly our blessing. It reminds us that God gave them to us. He entrusted us with these beautiful children.

By extension he also crowned us with the title ‘mother’ and all that entails, including our crazy daily responsibilities. Including the responsibilities to teach our children the Gospel, to train them up into godly men and women.

It feels like too much! It is too much pressure! I cannot do it all!

Turn back to Psalm 127:1 and breath in this truth.

  • “Unless the LORD builds a house, the work of the builders is wasted.” Psalms 127:1 NLT
  • “Unless the LORD builds the house, the builders labor in vain.” Psalms 127:1 NIV
  • “If God’s grace doesn’t help the builders, they will labor in vain to build a house.” Psalm 127:1 TPT

You are not enough. Jesus is enough. God is the one that builds your home. From the inside out, He is the one building. If he is not the one building, you are just laboring in vain. You are an agent of his grace.

Psalm 127:3 verse on a floral background

Let all that motherhood weight that you have held onto fall off your shoulders. It does not mean that the responsibilities change. It does not mean that your to-do list is minimized. It does mean that your perspective can change.

You are not here to build a mini kingdom. The kingdom already exists, and that kingdom is God’s. He is building your home, let him.

Surrender your motherhood on this Mother’s Day to Jesus. Let the Gospel surround your home and your family.

You still must be a faithful mother. It is still our job to speak truth into our children. Yet if you are a believer in Jesus Christ and have surrendered your motherhood to Him, he is the one building your home. It includes everything from the smallest detail like cultivating beauty into your home, to the largest concerns like your hope that your children will surrender to Jesus one day.

Mama, Happy Mother’s Day! You are doing amazing. Let the weight of responsibility fall off your shoulders as you once again surrender your motherhood to Jesus.

Let’s Pray,

Dear God, thank you so much for the privledge of being a mama to my children. It is an honor that I do not take lightly. I know firstly that these children and this home are yours. Help me to remember that you are the foundation of everything that I do. Regardless of if I am thanked for all the things I do, help me remember that I do everything out of faithfulness. Thank you for reminding me that I am not the primary builder of my home, you are. That brings me so much comfort and relief. Amen.  

Looking for more Biblical Encouragement to feed your soul? Be sure to visit our Weekly Devotional Archives!

Looking for more Biblical Encouragement to feed your soul? Be sure to visit our Weekly Devotional Archives!


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