Best Online Devotionals for Women

In the hustle and bustle of today’s busy lifestyles, it is so important that we get a daily break from the chaos to feed on God’s Word. That is why daily devotionals are so great!

And while many of us keep a pocket devotional in our purse, most ALL of us never leave home without our mobile phones. That is why online devotionals are even better! But you may be wondering:

  • What should I do for daily devotions?
  • How do you do a daily devotion?
  • Which online devotional is best for me?

No need to fret! I’ve got you covered with this list of online devotionals to address all of your needs!

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Women’s Online Devotionals

There are so many online devotionals for women to choose from! I like a mid-week spiritual pick-me-up in addition to my daily Bible reading or devotional time.

Kingdom Bloggers offers an amazing and powerful weekly devotional that goes out every Wednesday on a variety of topics for women. The best part is that these online devotions are written by women for women!

If you’d like to get our weekly devotional straight to your inbox each week, be sure to sign up below!

Rachael from Healing Home also has a really great weekly devotional that you can sign up for as well.

Daily Online Devotionals

Daily devotions are a great way to start your day! If you want a powerful dose of Jesus in your inbox every single day, daily online devotionals are definitely the way to go!

There are many sites out there that offer free online devotionals every single day of the week to get your spiritual fill before you head out to tackle the day.

The following sites offer daily devotional inspiration. All you need to do is sign up for their email list and you’ll start getting a daily dose of Jesus to your inbox each day!

If studying the Bible better is on your list of things to do this year, be sure to visit our Bible Study Resources page where you’ll find everything you need to make Bible study a regular part of your daily routine.

Short Powerful Devotions

Devotionals are a great way to get a daily dose of spiritual fill because they are short (perfect for busy moms) yet very powerful!

Instead of reading through an entire verse of the Bible and not really understanding what you read, these short readings get straight to the point to help you understand how to apply the principles to your daily life.

Online Devotions for Families

As a mom, you may want to do some online devotionals with the family. These often provide valuable opportunities to really talk to your kids and get them to talk about the things they may be struggling with in their particular season of life.

Online Devotionals Married Couples

While you should be doing getting your daily spiritual nourishment as an individual, these online devotionals for married couples offer much-needed discussions for husbands and wives to reflect upon. These can help strengthen your marriage and your walk with God!

Looking for a new Bible and not sure which one to get? Be sure to check out our recommendations for Bibles and Devotionals.

Online Devotionals for College Students

College students are in a prime position for the enemy to take hold and get even the strongest Christian walking down a dangerous path.

These online devotionals for college students offer quick yet powerful chucks of spiritual nourishment to strengthen their resistance to the many temptations surrounding them in a college environment.

  • Student Devos is more of a high school devotional resource but offers online devotionals for many of the topics that college students and young adults face in life.
  • also has some great devotional readings for young, college-aged adults.

There you have it! I hope you find at least one of these online devotionals to help give you additional spiritual nourishment each week!

Are there any others that you might recommend that I could add to this list? If so, be sure to comment below!

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