How to Create Printables to Grow Your Email List

Are you ready to scale your Christian blog to the next level with more traffic, more subscribers, and more income?

Printables are the best way to grow your blog with minimal effort. And it doesn’t matter what sub-niche of Christian blogging you write in, there are plenty of printable ideas that will convert for your target audience!


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Creating Printables to Grow Your Christian Blog

Printables are a great way to not only serve your audience but also to grow your ministry. They are super easy to make and can be tailored to any type of Christian blog audience.

Types of Printables for Christian Bloggers

When I say “the sky is the limit” as far as the different types of printables you can create as a Christian blogger, I’m not exaggerating one bit!

For blogs that are exclusively faith in nature (Bible study blogs), there are so many different printables you can offer your readers to supplement the Bible study tips you provide through your blog content.

For other Christian blogs that write about additional topics (beyond Bible study topics), you’ll find even more ideas of things you can offer your readers to complement the content you write.

During the various holiday seasons, you can make things like:

Create Printables to Grow Your Traffic

Free printables are a great way to start generating organic traffic to your site. Why? Because people love (and search for) them like they are going out of style!

  • Pinterest – Printables of any variety are a top search query on Pinterest.
  • Organic (Google) – Creating printables can help generate more traffic from Google and other search engines.
  • Email – Creating new printables for your subscribers increases their visits (sessions) back to your site.
  • Social Media CTA – Generate more traffic to your blog from your social channels with printables.
  • Guest Post – Include a link to a Printables resource page in your bio when you guest post.

Create Printables to Grow Your Email List

Printables are probably one of the BEST ways to start growing your email list. By offering a free printable (or access to a collection of free printables), you can easily convert visitors to subscribers.

Of course, you want to ensure you are creating the RIGHT printables to ensure you are building a list of the RIGHT subscribers (ones that will actually be interested in reading your emails).

The best part is that you can create different free printable offers on different posts. Usually, I like to create one type of freebie printable for each category. Then, I might create some additional optin forms tailored to specific posts.

The more variety and options you offer across your blog, the more subscribers you’ll get!

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Create Printables to Grow Your Income

Printables are probably one the easiest ways to grow your income as a Christian blogger!

If your content is centered exclusively around Bible content there are several types of printables that you can create and sell to supplement your blog content.

For example, if you had a post along the lines of “How to do a Topical Bible Study,” you could create printable worksheets to go along with it as an option for the reader to use.

Another example might be a full workbook that includes a reading plan, study questions, verse memorization, and other printable worksheets to go along with the specific study.

Your paid printables can be sold directly from your blog, as well as from third-party platforms such as Sendowl, Gumroad, or Etsy.

Increase Sales with a Trip Wire

To increase sales of your printables, be sure to create content that is based on keywords related to the printable. This ensures you are bringing the “right” organic visitors. Then create a simpler version of your printable as an optin for that particular post. Once the reader subscribes, you can create a tripwire in the email sequence that offers the printable at a “limited-time” discount.

Using the “How to Do a Topical Bible Study” example, your optin could just be a single page worksheet with questions that they can download if they join your email list. Then, you offer them the full Topical Study Workbook at a discount during the Welcome Email sequence. This is referred to as a “tripwire.”

Resources for Creating Printables to Grow Your Christian Blog

When you are ready to get started with making your own printables, there are several resources (free and paid) to help you along.

I use Canva Pro for creating all of my printables. The free version is great to get started, but Canva Pro offers a lot of features to help you take your creations to the next level.

I also buy my own premium fonts and graphics (instead of using the free ones from Canva). While you can use the free ones for your FREE printables, you have to purchase the licensing rights to use them in paid products.

I get my fonts and other elements from Creative Market and Design Bundles.

Printables for Christian Bloggers

If you are really ready to creating amazing printables for your Christian blog, consider enrolling in Printables for Christian Bloggers.

Printables for Christian Bloggers header image

This course shows you:

  • How to choose the RIGHT printables for your target audience.
  • How to create eye-catching mockups of your printables.
  • How to display them for maximum conversion.
  • How to create a simple sales funnel (without additional software).
  • How to go from Freebie to Paid Product.

You’ll also get access to a private student Facebook group for additional feedback and tech support as you start working on yours. Let me help grow your blog with amazing printables!

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