Creating Printables and Ebooks to Boost Traffic to Your Christian Blog

The main goal of any Christian blogger is to get more visitors to your site. Ok, let me rephrase that – your MAIN goal is reaching more people for Jesus. But the path to making that happen is getting more visitors to your page to read your Christ-filled content. Most will focus strictly on SEO and Pinterest, but it is important that you think outside-the-box and get creative in ways to generate more traffic beyond the standard methods.

As a Christian blogger, I am always looking for creative ways to send more traffic to my site while also offering valuable resources and content for my readers. In the last few months, I decided to get creative and start creating several different things to offer my readers. By creating printables and Ebooks, I’ve significantly increased my monthly site traffic!

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Creating Printables and Ebooks to Boost Blog Traffic

I’ll be honest – although I do monetize my Christian blog, I really dislike having to create products to sell. Even more, I dislike having to market those items to get others to buy them.

So, instead of creating new products to sell, I decided to figure out a way to use what I already have (blog posts) to create things that other bloggers need or want – but offer them for free.

And since I do use ad networks on my site, the increased traffic actually results in increased earnings!

Creating Printables

Printables are a great way to boost traffic to your site! You can create printables for just about anything – checklists, Scripture cards, coloring pages, etc.

You may be wondering how something meant to be printed can drive traffic to your site. Simple – house them on a Resource Page!

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I started creating printable Scripture cards and coloring pages to go with some of the posts on my site. I’ve also started making social media graphics that my readers can use for Instagram or elsewhere. Instead of giving them a direct download link, I upload everything into the individual resource page and send that to them.

I also have several Pinterest pins leading to these pages, as well as mention them in every single email that I send out to my subscribers. If I add new stuff to it (which I do pretty much weekly), I’ll send out a special email just to let them know there are new goodies!

Since I started doing this, my sessions have increased tremendously! A few of them also get organic traffic from Google.

Creating an Ebook to Boost Traffic

This has been, by far, my best traffic-boosting method! After getting so many questions about blogging terminology, I decided to create an Ebook to list all the blogging terms to help other Christian bloggers.

Instead of just listing all of the terms with definitions, I linked to posts I had that related to some of the terms that are listed. I went a step further and added a section at the end of the Ebook where I sort of break down how some of the different blogging things work together or relate to each other. (Download the Dictionary below)

But I don’t blog about blogging!

Most Christian bloggers already have a lot of content that could easily be turned into a short devotional or Ebook. When creating the Ebook, each page would simply be a devotional style write-up (more of a summary of the post) and then link to the full post at the end of the page.

Then you can simply offer it (for free) at the end of blog posts. You can also ask other bloggers to include it in their resource pages. The more people that get it – the more views to your site!

Free Access vs Restricted Access

Many Christian bloggers create password-protected resource pages where they house premium content exclusively for their subscribers. This is a great idea and important for keeping your subscribers happy and engaged.

When creating printables and Ebooks, some struggle with whether to give them to everyone or just for their subscribers. If you are just starting to build an email list, I would say give it to everyone. This will help get more readers to your site and hopefully some of them will be interested enough to subscribe. Plus, they might even share it which can send even more traffic your way (and possibly new subscribers).

This is especially important if you are planning to monetize your site and hope to apply to ad networks. These ad networks look at total sessions and page views to your site so getting more people reading those Ebooks will definitely help you reach the traffic requirements.

Printables and Ebooks = More Traffic!

Creating printables and Ebooks provides a new avenue for increasing the traffic to your site. Don’t overthink it! Like I said, most bloggers already have some great content they can easily turn into an Ebook. As for printables, just get creative! If you have several verses of Scripture in a post, make a printable that lists them.

Coloring pages seem to always do well as most Christian women (and kids) love to color. These could also be used as a way to help your readers remember and reflect on the verses in individual posts.

I’d love to hear what kind of printables and/or Ebooks you’ve created! Drop me a comment below and let me know! I might even want to include it in my Resource page (with a link back to your site!)

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