17 Profitable Christian Blog Niches

While many people start a Christian blog to simply share the gospel, others create it with hopes of earning income to provide for their family.

You may be wondering if a Christian blog is a profitable blogging niche?


I won’t lie – it does take some work and you have to be willing to invest time into doing research, but you can absolutely earn consistent income as a Christian blogger.

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The Best Profitable Christian Blog Niches

When you first think about starting a Christian blog, you probably have a ton of questions like:

  • What are the most popular Christian blog topics?
  • Can I actually make money with a Christian blog?
  • What is the most profitable niche for a Christian blogger?
  • How exactly do I make money as a Christian blogger?

The truth is that just about any blog niche can be profitable – even those within the faith niche!

But what exactly is the “faith niche?”

The reality is that ANY blogging niche can also be in the faith niche. Some blogs are all faith all day (bible study, etc). But others focus on a particular topic (parenting, etc) along with biblical encouragement.

Seriously! We can (and should) add a bit of Jesus to anything!

By the way, if haven’t yet started your Christian blog and need a bit of help, be sure to read How to Start a Christian Blog That Reaches More People for the Kingdom.

Profitable Bible Study Blogs

The most obvious type of Christian blog (that can also be profitable) is the one that focuses on the Bible.

Bible Study blogs come in various forms. Some focus on teaching you how to study the bible (effective Bible study methods), others focus on breaking down the different stories of the Bible.

  • Bible Study Methods and Resources
  • Spiritual Growth (applying Scripture to your life)
  • Breaking down the Bible (topical studies, character studies, etc)
  • Sunday School Resources
  • Bible Journaling

All can be quite profitable if done correctly!

How does a Bible Study blog earn income?

  • ad revenue
  • affiliate marketing
  • creating and selling bible study resources

Believe it or not, search queries on various things related to the Bible (bible verses, bible studies, etc) are quite high! Because of the huge search volume, it is easy to get a significant amount of organic traffic to the site and earn income with ad revenue.

But also, those who want to study the Bible also need various resources to help them!

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One really successful (and profitable) Christian blog that focuses on Bible Study is Arabah Joy. In addition to getting thousands of organic visitors each month, she also creates and sells her own Bible study products and earns consistent monthly income with affiliate marketing.

Other Profitable Niches for Christian Bloggers

As I mentioned, a Christian blog doesn’t have be exclusively faith-based content. You can add biblical encouragement to any type of blog and then it becomes a Christian blog!

I would say you could pick just about any profitable blogging niche for your Christian blog. The key is to find the topic (aside from Jesus) that you are most passionate about and start there.

I’ve listed several examples of profitable blog niches that work well for Christian bloggers but the sky is limit on niche ideas that can earn consistent monthly income.

I’ve included links to some highly successful blogs below. These aren’t necessarily “Christian” blogs but they serve to show you how these are profitable blogging niches which you can easily add some faith-based content to.

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One highly profitable blog niche for Christian bloggers is one that focuses on printables. These can be printables related to Bible study, but can also be for ANY type of printable.

These are just a few ideas! There are so many ideas for creating printables that people are willing to purchase for a small fee.

If you think you’d like to create a Christian blog that sells printables, but you aren’t exactly sure how to get started, be sure to check out Printables for Christian Bloggers. This course will help you map out the right printables for your audience and how to sell them without all the extra (and expensive) software.


Also, I highly recommend Printables by Number from Suzy Whitford. I took her courses when I was first getting started.

This course teaches you how to create printables for just about any occasion and how to sell them from your blog. This course helped me create the printables that I offer on Kingdom Bloggers Academy.

Marriage and Relationships

A Christian marriage blog is a great way to offer biblical encouragement and marriage tips from a Christian perspective.

Tiffany at Hope Joy in Christ generates thousands of views to her site every month and is able to earn income from ad revenue. She also has a marriage course and several digital products that also generate monthly income (along with affiliate marketing).


A Christian parenting blog is probably one of the more profitable blogging niches to have because it is so versatile. Instead of just focusing on faith content, they also offer content related to general parenting issues.

Christian parenting blogs tend to do very well on Pinterest because that’s where most moms go for parenting tips and resources. This means you can quickly generate enough organic traffic to earn income with ad networks.

Affiliate marketing is easy with a parenting blog because moms are always looking for product recommendations on Google.


Similar to a parenting blog, a Christian blog can center around pregnancy and/or raising babies. On this type of blog, you would offer some content on biblical encouragement – but also tips and product recommendations for pregnancy, breastfeeding, and baby gear.

Free Christian Blogging Niches Worksheet

Mom Fitness

Health and wellness are very popular blog niches today. And especially so for moms (who usually have little time or funds for a gym membership).

A Christian “mom fitness” blog would provide biblical encouragement along with tips for eating healthy and living a healthy, active lifestyle.

Kid Activities

A faith-based blog that also offers a variety of resources and ideas for fun activities for kids can be hugely profitable – especially with so many kids home on lockdown.

This particular topic could also be included as a category on a Christian parenting blog and can include content sorted by age, educational, outdoors, etc.


A Christian homeschool blog is another highly profitable blogging niche. So many new families will be turning to homeschool this year which means huge traffic opportunities.

These can easily be monetized with ads but also with simple digital products and printables to help parents who don’t have the time (or creativity) to create themselves.


Are you a Christian that loves to plan and organize your home? Why not combine a little spiritual growth content with content that helps others organize their homes?

Not sure what this type of Christian blog looks like? Check out Ashley from Undoubted Grace.

Printable planner pages with verses of Scripture are quite popular, along with other resources to help busy moms keep their chaos under control and organized!


Do you have a knack for saving money? Why not share those tips to help others learn to apply biblical principles to their spending and savings habits?


Craft blogs have always been a popular and can generate a ton of organic traffic. And, they are super easy to monetize with affiliate links because readers will need to buy the products needed for the craft project.


Do you know to sew, knit, or crochet? Why not share your talents with others and create a faith-based blog that also offers sewing tutorials and patterns?

DIY Projects

People love to DIY because it saves money and provides a feeling of accomplishment! Are you an avid DIY’er in a particular area?

The Harper House is a perfect example of combining faith content with DIY for a profitable blog!


Gardening and Homesteading and hugely popular and profitable blogging niches today. So many people are turning to backyard gardens or completely transitioning to the Homestead lifestyle.

My friend Cheyenne blogs over at Rosevine Cottage Girls and combines her love of gardening and Jesus (along with some other stuff).

If you have experience with either of these (or both), combine it with a little bit of faith content and you can quickly create a Christian blog that serves this growing demographic (and make money at the same time!).

Outdoor Activities

With so many families stuck at home, more and more people are searching the internet for fun outdoor activities.

This is a highly profitable blogging niche in 2020!


Do you have a favorite hobby or pastime? You can help others who are interested in learning by creating a Christian blog that also shares helpful tips and resources for getting started!

Green Living

Green, natural, organic, etc…These are very popular search topics today since more and more people are trying to ditch the chemicals and/or live in a way that is better for the environment.

Pick a Profitable Niche and Get Started!

Once you’ve decided which profitable blogging niche you want to start, you’ll want to make sure you create a solid blueprint for success. To help you along with that, I’ve created several free resources that you can get started on today.

Once you get your blog all set up, it is important that you understand how to include money-making keywords into your content plan. These are keywords (topics) that people search for on Google with the intention or mindset of needing/wanting to buy something.

When you are ready to start monetizing your Christian blog, you’ll definitely want to enroll in Affiliate Marketing for Christian Bloggers.

This course was created specifically for Christian bloggers to understand how to monetize their content without making it look like a sales advertisement. Serve, not sell!!

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