5 Reasons Christian Bloggers Matter During Times of Crisis

Many Christian bloggers often wonder if what they do really matters. Yes, they share Biblical hope and encouragement through their blog posts but does it really matter? Are people even reading it? And these thoughts can multiply during times of major crisis.

The crisis could be a town being torn apart by a massive tornado or hurricane.

Today, the entire world is sharing a crisis together during the Coronavirus pandemic. This crisis is literally being shared by an entire planet!

So where do we, Christian bloggers, fall during a crisis of this magnitude?

the importance of christian bloggers

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The Importance of Christian Bloggers During Times of Crisis

Christian bloggers are poised to provide such a huge function anytime our world faces a major crisis. Why? Because we have the ability to reach people beyond the walls of our church, our town, our continent – even when the world seems to be “closed for business” as it seems to be right now.

Christian bloggers can:

  • reach more people than the church
  • have direct access to people in their homes
  • offer tailored hope and encouragement
  • can Reach Non-Believers

Christian Bloggers Can Reach More People Than the Physical Church

Even when the world isn’t going through a specific crisis, Christian bloggers regularly reach people in much higher volumes than the physical church. Why? The physical church really only reaches the local population – members of that community who physically come to the church or follow their FB page.

Most churches don’t have a blog. They only broadcast or live-stream their services on social media. Only people who physically follow a church are being fed.

Christian bloggers, however, write about the very things people are going to Google search for and can offer hope and encouragement to calm them during times of crisis.

Christian Bloggers Have Direct Access to People in Their Home

Christian bloggers are in people’s (believers and non-believers) homes every single day!!  During times of crisis, more people are online than usual. That means you have such a huge opportunity to reach more people (surfing the internet) with a message of hope and encouragement.

Do some research on your target audience to find out what things they are searching for on the Internet and create content to serve them.

Christian Bloggers Can Offer Hope Tailored to Their Specific Situation

Most Christian bloggers cater to a very specific demographic of the population. It could be moms, young women, teenagers, older mature women, etc.  Either way, the content they share is usually something they are dealing with or have experienced in their own lives and are able to show others how their faith in God helped them through it.

Most news channels that broadcast help (even the churches) during a crisis, share generic information that applies to everyone. But the young, single mom who is home on lockdown with her baby – she needs a very special kind of hope and encouragement that she can relate to her situation. This is where the Christian blogger shines! Meeting people where they are at during their most vulnerable times.

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Christian Bloggers Can Reach More Non-Believers 

While many churches now have a huge reach via social media, that reach is still mostly restricted to believers. These are people who intentionally follow the church because they seek more faith-filled content. But what about those who aren’t saved? What about the non-believers?

Christian bloggers often write content that is general in nature (with a sprinkle of Jesus). This content can be found by a regular person (non-believer) who may just want more of it!

During times of crisis, even the non-believers begin searching the Internet for things associated with faith.  This is your moment to change their mind and welcome them to the family!

How Can Christian Bloggers Help the World Thrive During Crisis

As a Christian blogger, there are several ways you can take advantage of this worldwide opportunity to share hope and encouragement to more people than in non-crisis times. This is also a chance to increase (the right) traffic to your blog.

  • Don’t write about the virus! Leave that to the professionals because factual information is what they are seeking (not your opinion).
  • Write content that serves their new problems. Instead of writing about the virus or how you are getting along with it, what issues is your target audience most likely needing help with right now? A great example of this would be a Christian mom blogger whose target audience is the Work-at-Home mom of school-aged kids. Schools are closed so the kids are home and she is struggling with managing her hew role as a homeschool mom while still trying to manage her business.  What things might she be searching the internet for help with right now? Write about that!
  • Create free tools they can benefit from right now. This is a great way to serve your current subscribers (and gain new ones). Create printable worksheets, coloring pages, checklists, etc – anything that your target audience might find helpful during this chaotic time.

During this current world-wide pandemic crisis, in particular, most families are on lockdown in their homes. That means they are practically LIVING on the internet and social media. And they are CRAVING human interaction! Aside from just the blogging side of it, you can really connect with them via social media!

Go live daily on Facebook. This can be your blog page as well as your personal FB page. Speak to your Avatar. Speak to your family and friends. Many of them could be home alone (elderly or single) and this could really brighten their day!

Get creative! I have become a bit obsessed with using SnapChat. I don’t actually connect with people on that platform but I use it to take selfies and record videos with the craziest filters. It started with me sending an older member of my church a happy birthday video and she absolutely loved it. Now, I try to just upload them to my Facebook story every couple of days. Most of what I record is absolutely ridiculous but laughter is contagious and can definitely help to brighten the mood during a crisis situation.

This is the moment you’ve been training for! All the blogging courses you’ve taken were meant to prepare you for this moment! Our content truly matters during a crisis because we are the ones who have the furthest reaching connection with the human race during a crisis!

If you are just getting started or maybe a bit stuck on the SEO stuff, be sure to enroll in my free course SEO Fundamentals for Christian Bloggers which will help you in understanding how to find out what you audience is searching for.

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