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7 Types of Content to Publish on Your Christian Blog

What type of content are readers most interested in reading?

Most Christian bloggers begin their blogging journeys by simply sharing their thoughts or testimonies as blog content. Unfortunately, that isn't what people are searching for on Google (or other search engines).

There are generally seven different types of content people might search for online so it is important that you format your content plan with this in mind.

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The Best Types of Content to Publish

People go to Google to find answers to different questions. If you want your content to be found, you must write about things they are searching for. This is called satisfying the search query.

But once you figure out the search query you are going to satisfy, there are different “ways” to write about it to ensure the reader stays engaged with it.

  1. List Posts
  2. Bible Verses About
  3. Prayers for
  4. Bible Study
  5. Product Posts
  6. Resources
  7. Printables

In order to see the traffic results you are hoping for, be sure to incorporate all of these into your content plan!

List Posts

One of the most common ways people search for content on the internet is to learn “how” to do something. Searches that begin with:

  • how to ….
  • ways to …
  • ideas for …
  • tips for …

These are all searches in which the person is looking for a list of identifiable ACTION steps they can take. When you write this type of content, ensure the “list” is easy to find because most people will be visiting the post from their mobile device.

Bible Verses About

Not everyone is looking for answers to actual questions. Some are simply looking for verses of scripture on a certain topic.

Bible verses (or “What does the Bible say about ….) are one of the most searched faith topics on the internet. Every day, people are searching for Bible verses on every topic under the sun. Some might be looking to simply see what the Bible says about a certain topic. Others might be looking for some verses to meditate on in their prayer time.

Either way, Bible Verses About (something) should definitely be a part of your content plan. No matter what your blog's focus is (parenting, marriage, general Bible study, Christian business, etc), there will definitely be search volume for scripture related to that topic.

Prayers for

Like verses of scripture, prayers to pray about or over someone are another topic search. In addition to the list posts and Bible verses about content, be sure to add prayers to pray for people!

Bible Study

If you are a Bible study blogger, this will likely be a significant part of your content plan. The important thing to keep in mind with writing this type of content is to understand HOW people actually search for it.

While some may Google “Deborah Bible Study” more people will search by way of actual questions about Deborah.

When doing the research for a Bible study type of post, ensure you are addressing these actual questions in the content.

Product Posts

In addition to readable content, people also search for things because they want to buy them. A product post is simply a round up of recommendations for a particular product or type of product. These aren't “review” posts but simply a list of options for the reader to take a look at.

For example, someone might search for the “best devotionals for new moms” or the “best Bibles for men” or something like that. It could also be something more secular in nature such as the “best non-toxic toys for babies.”

Either way, product posts should be an integral part of your content plan if your goal is to monetize your Christian blog.


While most bloggers think of a resource page as just a page with a list of resources meant for their subscribers, there are many types of “resources” that people might search for as it relates to your blog as a whole.

  • prayer resources (best prayer apps, prayer journal templates, etc)
  • Bible study resources (best Bible study apps, online Bible studies, etc)
  • Actual ressources (scripture coloring pages, printables, etc)

Do the keyword research to find out how people are searching for these kinds of things and create actual content (on a page or a post) that is formatted like a blog post so it has a chance at ranking in search results.


I mentioned printables in the previous section but printables are a type of search that a LOT of people do. Sometimes printables can simply be included in other types of content (mentioned above), but creating content solely around certain types of printables can also drive massive amounts of traffic to your site.

As you are doing your keyword research, take note of any related keywords that come up that have words like “printable” or “pdf” or that are actually printables even without those words.

  • prayer journal templates
  • printable coloring pages
  • journal prompts
  • chore charts
  • planners

These are all keywords that have significant search volume and could be made into their own piece of content (blog post or page).

Create a Solid Content Plan!

As you can see, there are many different types of content that should be incorporated into your blog content plan. Understanding not just what, but how people are searching for information helps you to create content that will bring readers to your site but also keep them engaged with it.

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