60+ Fall and Autumn Blog Post Ideas for Christian Bloggers

Are you ready for the Fall season? I am! Autumn is my favorite time of year because it sets the stage for change in so many areas. The temperature drops. Lattes replace frozen drinks. And the colors of nature begin to change! It is just an absolutely beautiful time of year that brings new ideas and topics for Christian bloggers to write about. I’ve put together this list of 60+ Fall and Autumn blog post ideas specifically for those in the Christian blogging niche.

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Ideas for Fall Blog Content

What does Fall make you think of? What faith-related topics come to mind as we switch into this new season?

How can you use the Fall and Autumn season to share God with your readers in a way that helps them?

I tried creating this list with all Christian bloggers in mind. While some do focus their content on exclusively Biblical topics, many others (like Christian parenting bloggers) also write content that isn’t completely faith-based. So, in addition to faith-based fall blog post ideas, there are a lot of ideas that can apply to other niche areas that aren’t exclusively Biblical in nature.

How to Use These Lists

While this list does cover a variety of fall topics, it is important that you take these to write content that resonates with your readers. How can you offer them value with your content during the Fall season? I say this because I often see bloggers writing about “Fall everything” and most of it has no real audience in mind. Watch this video to see how I take these topics and come up with better ideas for blog content!

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While there are a lot of ideas on these lists, it is important that you do further SEO keyword research to better narrow the best keyword and direction for your post. As you type any of these into Google, you’ll get a pretty good selection of additional related searches on the side (using Keywords Everywhere). If you aren’t quite sure how to do keyword research, be sure to read about how to research and write a blog post that ranks in search results.

Fall and Autum Checklist ab

Strictly Faith Blog Post Ideas for Fall

There are some Fall/Autumn topics that make for perfect faith posts! From a Biblical perspective, Fall is often associated with the changing of seasons, shedding the old ways, harvesting. You can use the following ideas to continue with further research to give you some different ideas on writing on these topics.

  • Bible verses about transforming the heart
  • Bible verses for Autumn
  • Reaping the Harvest
  • Falling in love with Jesus
  • 7 Laws of Harvest
  • Seeing God in Autumn
  • Biblical Feast days
  • A time for everything

General Blog Post Ideas for Autumn 

The fall season is a time for pumpkins, colder weather, camping, and family gatherings. There are so many blog post ideas that can be written with the Fall season in mind. I’ve listed a few below but you can use the printable which has even more ideas. Be sure you are writing these in a way that resonates with your blog audience. If they don’t apply to your audience – don’t write them!

  • Family activities
  • Fall camping
  • Hospitality
  • The Pumpkin Gospel
  • Fall workout routines
  • Pumpkin spice recipes

Halloween-Themed Blog Post Ideas

I know that the topic of Halloween a bit controversial among Christians. Some participate, others absolutely do not! Regardless of where you fall on that spectrum, Halloween, like any other day of the year, is a perfect day to share the gospel.

Actually, I’d say it is probably one of the best days of the year to do so because is one day where everyone literally comes to your doorstep!

October Halloween Blog Post Ideas

Blogging for Jesus in the Fall

So what is your blog content plan for the Fall season? I hope you’ll find some great ideas from these lists and be able to use them in a way that really engages your audience. 

I’d love to hear some ideas of what you are planning to write! Leave me a comment on some of your favorite Fall-themed blog posts ideas!

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