How to Make Free Autumn Printables for Your Christian Blog

I am SO ready for Fall and everything that comes with it (even the pumpkin spice overload!)! One of the best parts of the Autumn season is seeing all the beautiful Autumn graphics everywhere. As a Christian blogger, offering your readers free autumn printables is a great way to keep your readers engaged and maybe even grow your email list!

Contrary to popular belief, you don't need to be a professional graphics designer or photographer to make high-quality fall graphics.

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Creating Fun, Free Autumn Printables for Fall

While it may be quicker to just go an buy a bunch of pre-made printables, it is so much more fun to create your own. This enables you to put your own style to it and really make it reflect your Christian blog and what you want it to say.

Free autumn printables are great to offer your readers or to use as an optin for building your email list. You can create:

  • Printable Scripture Cards with Fall verses
  • Printable Fall Coloring Pages
  • Fall and Autumn-themed graphics for Instagram

Create Scripture Cards

Printable Scripture cards are easy to make and can be added to individual blog posts for readers to download to help them remember and reflect on the verses from the post.

With the free autumn graphics you've downloaded, you can easily make printable Scripture cards for both adults and for children. Your readers can download them, print them out, and even laminate them so they last longer. I like to use them as bookmarks and also just to tape to the side of my computer.

Create Coloring Pages

Printable coloring pages are perfect additions to any resource pages you might offer your readers. I mean, who doesn't love to color?! They can be tailored for adults or made with larger graphics for kids (smaller hands) to color.

If you have the Pro Version of Canva, you have access to many different designs that are already in black and white. There are also many that appear in color, but the colors can be changed to just black and white so you can use them for your coloring page designs.

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Design Bundles has much more to choose from in the way of black and white clip art designs. I've found some beautiful fall and autumn-themed vector images and bundles that can create the perfect backdrop for those Fall Bible Verses. You can visit my Coloring Pages Printables Library for more ideas!

Social Media Graphics

The sky is the limit on how creative you can get with creating Fall-themed social media templates! Many Christian bloggers share verses of Scripture on Instagram and other social channels. These can easily be put onto a fall-themed background shared on your social channels. You can even offer your readers templates for them to add their own verse of Scripture.

Create Wall Decor

Who doesn't love to add a flavor of Fall to their home to embrace the cooler weather and changing colors of the foliage?

Simple Fall-themed wall art makes a great freebie to send out to your current email subscribers and/or to supplement any blog posts you have related to that topic.


Where to Get Free Autumn Graphics

There are many places that offer free autumn graphics and fall designs that can be used in programs like Canva and PicMonkey. I get most of mine from:

Design Bundles is the best because they have hundreds of free fonts and design elements that you can download each month. They also offer a monthly subscription package that gives you even more free products each month. I have the subscription package so I always have graphics to use or any holiday or occasion.

Printables for Christian Bloggers

If you aren't sure which types of printables to offer your specific readers and/or you just aren't sure how to make them look great or how to actually deliver them, be sure to check out my Printables for Christian Bloggers course.

Printables for Christian Bloggers header image

I have to be honest! Sometimes I get so caught up in making all these free autumn graphics that I forget to write the blog posts to put them in! Seriously! I just really enjoy seeing what I can come up with that can help set my site apart from others.

I encourage you to give it a try! Start with some simple Bible verse coloring pages or printable Scripture cards. Or even just a simple fall graphic for your own Instagram. Once you do, you'll find yourself getting better and better at it.

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