How to Make Coloring Pages for Bible Verses

What better way to remember your favorite Bible verse than to create a beautiful coloring page to reflect the message!

Scripture coloring pages are a fun way to learn the Bible while adding a bit of your own creative style to the mix.

These are perfect for helping young children in Sunday school or for weekly women’s Bible study groups or simply to create for yourself!

For Christian bloggers, these can be given to your subscribers, added to a free resource library, or used as an optin freebie to grow your subscriber list.

This quick tutorial will show you how to make coloring pages for Bible verses and Scripture.

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How to Make Coloring Pages for Bible Verses and Scripture

Adult coloring books have become quite popular in recent years, so it is no surprise that they are also becoming popular in the Christian realm.

I don’t get a lot of free time to myself, so trying to get started with Bible journaling just isn’t something I can do.

But I absolutely love sitting on the couch coloring my favorite Bible verse while the kids watch their favorite TV show.

My teen daughter has even taken a liking to it and asked me if I could make her some.

You can find Scripture coloring books to buy online or at your favorite store, but if you have the craft bug like I do, then making them makes it even more fun!

There are many free online programs to create graphics, but I love Canva Pro because it has so many cool features to really take your coloring pages to the next level.

PicMonkey is also a great option. Either way, these make it super easy for you to make really awesome coloring pages for your favorite Bible verses.

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How to Make Coloring Pages in Canva

To get started, simply choose the canvas size that you want. I normally just choose the standard letter canvas (8.5 x 11) because this will print out as a full-size page.

You can also make smaller ones that can be used for things like Scripture memory cards or even to use for Instagram.

how to make coloring pages

Once you have your canvas chosen, you can begin creating your masterpiece by clicking on “elements” then typing into the search box for the type of images you’d like to add.

You can type anything like “flowers” “hearts” “swirls” or anything else (like particular animals or Bible characters).

You’ll get a bit of black/white images and colored images. Some of the colored ones can be edited, but mostly you can just use the black and white ones.

how to make coloring pages

You can add a few, then click to another type of image and add a few of them.

Once you find one that you like and want several of, you can simply duplicate the image and adjust the sizing and angle that it displays on your page. It is totally fine if images overlap.

This is one time in your life that it’s ok for the lines not to be perfect! Just get creative and add different elements to fill in the border area.

Or, you can go for a more simple design with only a few elements in the picture. The latter is great if you have declining vision like I do.

Sometimes I struggle to stay in the lines when coloring some of the smaller flowers so I make some that have larger elements in them.

how to make coloring pages

Adding the Text Elements

Now that you’ve created the background for your Bible verse, it’s time to start adding the text to complete your coloring page.

The free version of Canva comes with a lot of text options, including block letters. You’ll want to try out different text fonts, some that are fillable and others that are solid.

Making coloring pages for your Bible verses means getting creative with your font styles and placement!

I’ve played around with a variety of fonts with my Bible verses to make certain words stand out more than others.

You might have to test out different ones until you find the right one for yours. You might even create multiple coloring pages for the same verse but with different graphics and font styles and placements.

By the way, I’m using Be Creative 80-ct colored pencils because they have a lot of different shades for each color!

How to Make Coloring Pages

Legal Considerations for Using Canva

It is important that you understand copyright and extended license use of the fonts and elements that you get from Canva.

Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to navigate their Terms of Use for HOW you can use their elements.

If you use just the free elements, you can use them for your own free and paid products.

However, if you use any of the elements labeled as “Pro” or that have a crown icon next to them, these can NOT be used for commercial purposes (but you can totally use them for your freebies).

Making Coloring Pages for Bibles Verses and Scripture

Learning how to make coloring pages for Bible verses as a Christian blogger can provide you endless ideas for creating freebies for your subscribers and readers.

You can use them as optins to build your email list, as well as offer them in a resource library for those who’ve already subscribed. If you offer email devotionals to your subscribers, consider adding these coloring pages to go along with each devotional.

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For those that write Bible study topics for young children or offer resources for Christian homeschool moms, these would make excellent resources to offer them.

The ones I’ve created are all floral and meant for women, but there are plenty of free graphics that are more appropriate for a children’s Bible study coloring page.

Need a little more help with creating coloring pages? I created this quick video tutorial to help you out.

Where to buy premium elements and fonts:

What are some other ways you can use them? I’d love to hear how you are using them for your audience? Leave a comment below and let us know what you are doing!

Also, be sure to share this post so others can see how easy they are to make! Be sure to take a peak at my Printables Library where I keep a good selection of printable coloring pages!

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