85+ October Blog Post Ideas for Christian Bloggers

I would have to say that October is one of my favorite months! Depending on where you live, this is when most of the foliage really starts changing colors, signifying the end of the summer season. It is a time for cooler weather, lattes, and pumpkin spice everything! And it is a time for Halloween fun!

For Christian bloggers, October and Halloween bring new opportunities to share the Good News with strangers. The entire month is filled with a variety of Halloween and Fall Harvest activities and events – places to meet new people and introduce them to Jesus. This is also a time when moms start searching the internet for Pumpkin-this and Halloween-that type content. No matter what specific niche you write in as a Christian blogger, October provides new opportunities for reaching people with God's message. It also provides new opportunities to drive more organic traffic to your site. Here are 85+ October blog post ideas to get you started!


October Blog Post Ideas

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October Blog Post Ideas for Christian Bloggers

I know there is a lot of controversy surrounding the idea of whether Christian families should celebrate/participate in the Halloween festivities. Personally, I never understood why it was even a conversation! As Christians, we should seize every opportunity to share God's message with others.

As I was getting ready to write this post, I had a thought. Imagine a world in which no single Christian participated in Halloween activities or events. So basically, these events would be full of nothing but lost people. Isn't that where Jesus would have gone? He didn't necessarily hang out with God-abiding Christians. He hung out with those who needed Him most!

So, for those who may see Halloween as a Pagan celebration – one that you avoid at all cost -, I would like to challenge you to try and view it as a way to bring more Jesus to your community! God calls us to share the Good News and it really isn't news to those already saved!

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Faith-Filled Halloween Blog Post Ideas

Halloween is a time when families set out for a candy-gathering adventure in their neighborhoods. Many homes will go all-out with decorations and activities for the neighborhood kids to enjoy. Some even set up the grills in the driveway or hand out homemade snacks or punch.

For Christian bloggers, this can provide a perfect opportunity for sharing the gospel with others in new and creative ways – and providing ideas for others on how to do the same.

  • Halloween evangelism
  • Religious Halloween ideas
  • Christians and Halloween
  • Ways to share the gospel on Halloween
  • How to introduce non-believers to Jesus
  • Prayers for safety
  • Creative ways to witness to unbelievers

These are just a few great ideas for Halloween blog posts to publish in October. Of course, make sure you are writing in a way to resonates with your particular target audience.

October Blog Post Ideas that are Family Oriented

Many Christian bloggers are also mom-bloggers. That means, they often publish content that isn't necessarily “Christian” but more along the parenting side of things. October and Halloween bring an abundance of activity ideas for kids and families.

Most moms will go straight to Google or Pinterest to find fun Halloween crafts ideas or snack recipes. They also search for fun activities to do as a family this month.

  • Halloween safety tips
  • The Pumpkin Prayer/Pumpkin Gospel
  • Trick or Treat alternatives for kids with autism
  • Teaching kids about overcoming fear
  • Healthy Halloween snack ideas
  • Trick or treat church invites

This is just a sample of the ideas listed on the printable list below.

How to Use This List

While you can totally start writing a post on any one of the topics listed, I encourage you to do additional keyword research to find more specific keywords to write for. Some of these could even become several different posts that all relate to each other. Want to print out the list for later? Sign up for my Blogging Tips email below and you can download this one plus I'll be sending out an email each month with post ideas for the following month.

  • Don't forget about Pinterest! Even for search terms that don't necessarily have search volume on Google, Halloween blog post ideas do very well on Pinterest! Just make sure you are creating really nice graphics and make multiple images for each post.
  • Roundup Posts are Golden! For many of these, especially recipes and craft ideas, consider finding other bloggers who've already published this type of content and create a roundup post linking to some of them. This takes some of the writing efforts off of you since you can just sort of list them and link to the other bloggers' websites. This is also a great way to support other bloggers!
October Blog Post Ideas


October Blog Posts Ideas and Halloween

Are you excited yet? I totally am! October and Halloween bring out the kid in me in so many ways. As a Christian blogger, I'm always thinking of ways to use this “non-Christian” holiday as a way to really reach the lost and to help other Christian bloggers do the same. I can't wait to see all the new October blog posts from my favorite Christian bloggers start rolling out this month.

Get creative! Have fun! See how you can help bring someone new to Christ this Halloween!

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