6 Engaging Bible Study Format Ideas

Are you looking for some new and engaging Bible study format ideas?

Bible study is no longer something that is only conducted with a workbook or even a small group in your living room. Technology and the Internet has made it possible to engage in a Bible study in a variety of creative and engaging ways.

Whether you are wanting to create and lead your own Bible studies or you are simply looking for new ways to engage with Scripture, these Bible study formats offer something to for everyone!

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Bible Study Format Ideas

Bible study is an important part of growing closer to God. But let’s be honest….

Traditional Bible study can often be a bit boring and unengaging.

The use of social media and other online technologies have literally rewired our brains to need content delivered in a variety of ways.

The content is the same – the Word of God never changes – but the delivery of that content can take many different forms to appease different learning styles.

Below, you will find 6 different types of Bible study formats that enable you to engage with biblical topics in a way that you can truly relate to and understand.

Published Bible Study Format

The most traditional Bible study format is a published book or workbook that you can purchase. You can buy them at bookstores, as well as Amazon and other online commerce sites.

If you are creating your own Bible studies, there are many platforms, such as Amazon KDP, that enable you to easily self-publish your Bible studies and list them for sale.

Online Bible Study Format

The Internet makes it possible to now find a variety of engaging Bible studies that can be accesses from websites/blogs. Many Christian bloggers offer their own short Bible studies right from their websites.

This Bible study format is a great place to start for those just getting started. Online bible studies can be found by people searching Google and other search engines which means an unending stream of traffic to your studies.

Video Bible Study Format

In the last few years, video has dominated how people prefer to consume content. And Bible study is no exception. Offering a video Bible study format is as simple as starting a Christian YouTube channel.

Social Media Bible Study Format

It is no secret that most people spend a lot of time on social media. Yes, much of that is a mix of entertainment, education, and drama!


Did you know that there are a LOT of Bible Study influencers on social media as well? If you are going to hang out there, why not teach others about the Bible?

Printable Bible Study Format

Did you know that Etsy is a very popular place to find printable (and print-on-demand) Bible studies? You can find anything from Bible study worksheets, printable Bible study lessons, and even digital Bible studies to use on Ipad.

For anyone who loves writing Bible studies and also is great with Canva, this can be a very fun and creative way to also generate a little side income.

Virtual Bible Study Format

A virtual Bible study format is one conducted using progams such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams. You could even deliver it via a live event on social media.

The idea is that, instead of everyone physically gathering together in a building, they gather in an online space.

Virtual Bible studies have become increasingly popular in the last few years (when churches were forced to close). Although churches are now fully open, virtual studies continue to offer people – without regard to health status or geographic location – the ability to come together for Bible study and fellowship.

6 Engaging Bible Study Format Ideas

Bible Study Format Resources

Have you felt the calling to start writing your own Bible studies? Or maybe you feel called but find your talents are better served in a video capacity?

Either way, if you feel called to some aspect of Bible study, you’ll definitely want to check out How to Start an Online Bible Study Ministry.

I partnered with Megan (Megan Allen Ministries) to create a solid framework for building a Bible study ministry that (eventually) encompasses all of the formats that I described above.

Megan has been using this framework for her own ministry and has seen

  • exponential growth to her Bible study Facebook group
  • increase in sales of her printable and digital Bible study resources
  • increase in traffic to her Bible study website

You can enroll and save 30% off the regular price using the link below.

We NEED more Bible study ninjas equipped with doing battle in the online environment because that is where the enemy is hard at work.

If you have felt even the slightest feeling that God has called you to this type of ministry, join us today!

How to Start an Online Bible Study Ministry

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