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Monetize Your Christian Blog

Once you have laid the SEO foundation for your blog, it is time to start using that foundation to propel your income! Keep in mind that the income won’t come if the SEO isn’t sending you the right traffic so make sure to continue working on SEO!

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Contrary to popular belief, you CAN earn consistent income as a Christian blogger.

Watch this video where I breakdown 6 Steps to Building a Profitable Christian Blog Ministry.

Here are 17 profitable Christian blogging niches for you to check out.

And when you are ready to really dive into learning how to earn consistent monthly income with your Christian blog, Affiliate Marketing for Christian Bloggers should be your next investment!

There are several ways to earn income as a blogger:

  1. Ad Revenue – This is one that takes time to achieve but totally something you should work towards!
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Selling Your Own Products
  4. Offering Services

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