Christian Blogs For College Students

Some people like to watch Netflix or scroll through social media. However, I am more of an adventure seeker. I enjoy living out my adventures either at theme parks, reading a good book or through the eyes of fellow bloggers.

As a Christian blogger myself, I love to read and support my fellow Christian bloggers. However, in my search for blogs, one of my struggles was finding a list of Christian blogs for college students that really spoke to the millennial generation. Especially ones that were still active and not just a listing of top 10 Christian blogs to follow (all niches).


Christian Blogs for College Students

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Christian Blogs for College Students – Lifestyle Blogs

Why are Christian blogs for college students so important? College is a time for young adults to begin finding themselves without the oversite of their parents. It is also a time for a lot of negative influence to make its way into their lives. By following Christian blogs specifically geared towards young adults (college age), it is a way to keep God at the forefront of your thoughts. It is also a great way to stay connected to a larger community of Christians in the college environment.

I have compiled this list of Christian young adult blogs to encourage and inspire you in your walk with Christ. I challenge you to pop by each of these college girl blogs and show them some appreciation and bookmark your favorites.

Christian Blogs for College Students

Rock Solid Faith

Yeah, I know this is my own blog but I just had to include it in this fabulous roundup of Christian blogs for young adults. Being a millennial myself, I know the struggles of trying to live a Christian life in the 21st century. But, for me, I have had mentors and role models along the way that encouraged me and didn’t fail to correct me whenever I was headed down a path that was less than ideal. It is with this in mind that I aim to be a mentor to other young adults helping them in their struggles to develop a deeper intimacy with God and live out their faith in a lukewarm Christian culture.



Christian Blogs for College Students

Justine Mfulama

Justine provides practical advice for single Christian women. She encourages them to enjoy their single-season until God sends the one. Justine shares relationship advice, encouraging Bible verses and tips on how to prosper while you prepare to be found by ‘The One’.

Favorite Post: Bible Verses About Patience: 10 Verses That Will Help You Wait For God


Christian Blogs for College Students

The Scribes Potion

Love, Evelyn’s realness, and willingness to not compromise the truth. On her blog The Scribe’s Potion, she shares biblical truths and blogs about Christian living and biblical womanhood.

Favorite Post: Don’t Follow Your Heart



Life as a Dare

Rebecca is a young (married) college student who helps her readers stay navigate the college lifestyle while also staying close to their Godly values. She provides valuable tips for staying focused on your goals, maintaining healthy relationships, and growing stronger in your faith in the college environment.

Favorite Post: 3 Mistakes We Make When Preaching the Gospel


Christian Blogs for College Students


Written by Isabel, Izzabelle is a travel, lifestyle, relationships and faith blog that dives into honest and open discussions the author has experienced as a believer.

Favorite Post: Vancouver Hikes

Christian Blogs for College Students

Hospitable Homemaker

Katie blogs about being a hospitable homemaker. She blogs about extending the ministry of hospitality to every area of your life.

Favorite Post: How to Deal When You Can’t Develop Deep Connection


Christian Blogs for College Students

A Heart of Humility

Written by Heather, Heart of Humility is all about empowering, encouraging and inspiring women to be all that God has called us to be.

Favorite Post: Responding With Respect: A Lesson From David


Christian Blogs for College Students

Being Woman

Chioma helps single women to live with purpose and intention. Her hope is to inspire and empower Christian woman to grow their relationships with God and with others in a meaningful way.

Favorite Post: 12 Lies That Hurts Us and The Truth That Sets Us Free


Devotional Blogs For College Students

Christian Blogs for College Students

Books Faith and Coffee

Are you a coffee lover? Then you want to check-out Books, Faith, & Coffee. Written by Heather Hart a best-selling author, she encourages women to embrace who they were created to be and find their true beauty in Christ.

Favorite Post: Christmas Is Coming


More Christian Blogs for Young Women

Aside from the ones mentioned above, you should also check out some of these faith-based blogs for college-aged women (even if you aren’t in college). These Christian bloggers offer a variety of tips and encouragement to help you navigate the young adult years – whether your are married with kids or single.


What are some of your favorite female Christian bloggers? Drop them in the comments below! Be sure to also visit our resource page a list of Resources for Christian Women which has additional resources for Millennial Christian women.

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