50+ Faith-Filled Resources for Christian Women

It is no secret that the enemy seeks to find his way into every area of our lives. The best way to combat his efforts is to insert God into every area of your life.

There are many resources for Christian women to help them dive deeper into God’s word and to keep Him close throughout the day so the enemy has no place to hide.

Whether you prefer Bible studies or maybe a morning devotional, it is important that you find resources to help you apply Biblical principles to your everyday life.

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Resources for Christian Women – Daily Time with God

As Christians, we need an arsenal of resources to help us keep God close as we navigate this crazy world. This list of resources for Christian women includes devotionals for women, Bible studies to dive deep into the Word, prayer journals and other great Christian resources to get us through our days.


The following are resources for choosing the best Bible for your Bible study time.

Bible Studies

Bible studies are perfect resources for Christian women to jump into God’s word and a great way to dive into the Bible and focus on a particular area of study. Learn the Bible through these easy-to-follow Bible studies and find the answers you are seeking.

Whether you are looking for a Bible study to simply start reading the Bible for the first time, or you are looking for a more specific area to focus on, this list provides many options for you to learn and apply God’s word to your daily life.

Be sure to also visit our Bible Study Resources Page!


The more time we spend in God’s word each day, the more we can recognize and embrace His voice in everything we encounter in our lives.

These are some of my favorite resources for Christian women to help them dive into God’s word daily. Many of these are devotionals for women, but there are also several that aren’t specifically for women.

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Prayer Resources

Prayer is the most effective way to make a change in your life or to improve a dire situation! These prayer journals and devotionals can help you get started.

Bible Journaling Resources

Bible journaling is a fun way to engage with the Scripture. Journaling enables you to keep notes and markers of your favorite verses to make it easy to find them later. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy journaling?

These are some really great resources for Bible journaling and journals for keeping your weekly sermon notes handy for later reference. If you are new to Bible journaling, be sure to read our Bible Journaling for Beginners to help you get started!

Resources for Christians – Family & Relationships

No matter your season of life, whether married or single, it is important to seek God in your daily living. There are so many resources for Christian women to help them in every area of their lives, including family and non-family relationships.

Resources for Christian Marriage

A great Christian marriage takes work and effort from both the husband and the wife. Marriage is hard, but to be equally yoked, they must work together and grow together as a couple. These resources for Christians for healthy, Biblical marriage can help lay the foundation for a happy and Christ-centered marriage.

Christian Marriage Blogs to Follow:

  • Resurrecting Marriage – A Christian marriage blog that helps wives who are struggling in marriage. Topics include healing your broken heart, learning how to rekindle a broken relationship, and restoring intimacy.
  • His Dearly Loved Daughter – Focuses on helping couples work through the struggle of sexual addiction in a Christian marriage.
  • Hope Joy in Christ – Tiffany is a Jesus girl on a mission to help Christian women grow in their faith, overcome anxiety, and have a successful marriage.
  • Married by His Grace – Carmen writes about topics on Christian marriage and parenting.
  • Word Washed Wife

Christian Parenting Resources

Raising children is hard work! But raising kids that love and honor God is even harder. Applying biblical practices to your parenting style can often be a struggle in this crazy world we now live in.

Here are some wonderful resources for Christian women for parenting that cover different ages and stages of child development – and the struggles that come with each one.

Christian Parenting Blogs to Follow:

Resources for Christian Women – Health & Wellness

The secret to success in everything – including your health and wellness – is to put God first. The Bible is clear about taking care of your spiritual AND physical health. This list of faith and fitness resources for Christian women will help improve your health and wellness with a Biblical approach to it all.

Whether it is self-care or simply using a Bible-based approach to healthy eating and getting fit, you MUST begin treating your body as the temple God created it to be!

Resources for Christian Women – Business & Blogging

If you have been wanting to start a Christian blog or maybe you’ve already started but are still a bit lost, be sure to visit:

  • Blogging Tips Index of our website which has tons of tutorials on all things Christian blogging.
  • Join the Kingdom Bloggers FB community where you can connect with other Christian bloggers and get some helpful advice on growing your online ministry.

Free Courses for New Christian Bloggers:

Putting God first in your business is always the best practice! These resources for Christian women in business can help improve your writing process, stay on track with your schedule and planning, and simply keep you focused on God as your business grows.

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