Thoughtful Christian Gifts in Spanish

As Christians, we strive to make the best possible impression when gift-giving to our friends and family. We try to take into consideration the recipients likes and preferences. 

If you are shopping for a friend or family member whose primary language is Spanish, why not find a Christian gift in Spanish!

Thoughtful Spanish Christian Gifts

Why get a gift in Spanish? If you are shopping for someone whose native language is Spanish, they’ll very much appreciate your thoughtfulness!

Buying Christian gifts with Spanish text doesn’t have to be intimidating (if you don’t speak the language). Most of these can be found my simply searching for it in English.

Spanish Bibles

For anyone whose native language is Spanish, having the Bible written in Spanish really helps them to understand the different verses. Most people have more than one Bible because they like to take notes so having a brand new one is always a welcomed gift!

Christian Coloring Books in Spanish

Last year I started a Bible journaling group with some ladies at my church. Our focus was the coloring style of Bibles. I couldn’t find the Bibles we were using in Spanish, but I did find these Scripture coloring books in Spanish as a great alternative.

Spanish Bible Covers

Bible covers are a great way to protect the pages of your Bible but also to keep you notes from slipping out. I never realized they made them with verses in Spanish!

Spanish Devotionals

Devotionals are my favorite go-to gift for my Christian friends because they come in so many different varieties and topics. These Spanish version devotionals would make an excellent gift (maybe paired with something else on the list!).

I hope these Spanish Christian gifts helped you come up with the perfect gift for a friend or family member!

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