14 Best Devotionals for Moms

Moms are undeniably the busiest humans on the planet! (Can I get an AMEN?)

Finding time to read and absorb the Word in a meaningful way can be quite the challenge – but so very necessary for us to be able to have a full cup to tackle our crazy schedules!

I’ve found that Devotionals for Moms are the best way to accomplish this, especially when time is a luxury!

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The Best Devotionals for Moms

The best devotionals for moms are ones that are short and digestible. Meaning you can read them in small pockets of time but that they truly help them apply the Bible to their daily struggles.

Daily Devotionals for Moms

Daily devotionals for moms are great because they provide a verse to meditate on every single day, with tips for practical application.

My absolute favorite devotionals for moms are the 3-minute and 5-minute pocket devotionals. These little books have short devotions written specifically for busy moms and fit perfectly in your purse!

Devotions for Weary Moms

It’s no secret that motherhood is tiresome! Most moms constantly feel tired and weary, which is why they need a powerful dose of daily biblical encouragement!

These devotions are perfect for tired and weary moms to re-fill their spiritual cup so they can be at their best for the important job they have (motherhood)!

Devotionals for Moms and Daughters

For the mom whose kids are a bit older, these devotionals for moms and daughters are a perfect way to spend time in the Word together!

Devotions for Moms Group

The truth is that moms NEED a Mom Tribe! Even if you can’t find time to meet in person for focused Bible Study time, we now live in a time of virtual meetings for everything.

Get your moms together on a GroupMe chat and discuss these devotionals together.

If studying the Bible better is on your list of things to do this year, be sure to visit our Bible Study Resources page where you’ll find everything you need to make Bible study a regular part of your daily routine.

Mom Devotional App

If you are looking for some free devotionals for moms, the YouVersion Bible App is great because you can find short daily devotional reading plans specifically tailored to mom life.

Devotional apps for moms are the best because let’s face it – we almost ALWAYS have our phone close by!

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While we definitely need to find quiet time to really focus on God’s Word – time that is free of distractions – the demands of motherhood can definitely make that a challenge. Instead of just skipping time with God completely, small bits of Him are better than none at all.

Devotionals for moms were created for just that reason! Get your morning fill with short devotions focused on all the areas that you are struggling with, in motherhood and life.

God will do wonders in your life even with just a few minutes of your attention each day!

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