Branding Your Christian Blog in an Instagram-Crazed World

Does your Christian blog follow a particular theme with its images and color palette? If not, you might want to really focus on your branding. We live in an Instagram age where everything is about visual appeal. There is an entire science (and psychology) behind visual marketing and what draws people in. The best content in the world could go unnoticed if not packaged correctly. Branding your Christian blog is an important step in building a successful online ministry.


branding your christian blog

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Branding Your Christian Blog

Think about all the blogs you follow (Christian and regular). Are there some that you just really love simply because of the visual aesthetics? Absolutely! Our eyes are drawn to “pretty” and are often turned off by certain colors or visual cues. It is important that you provide a palette that is easy to look at – easy on the eyes – and visually draws them in wanting more. Building a personal brand (your ministry) in an Instagram-obsessed world is so important for the overall success of your ministry!

Traditionally, when one thinks of religion (Christian anything), they automatically think of the typical church imagery and colors – dark. But dark doesn't convey the words we actually want people to associate with knowing Jesus Christ – happy, full of life, bright, hope, etc.  A color or style of image says a thousand words before the first word is even read from a blog post! Make sure they say this is a welcoming place full of hope where Jesus is LIGHTING the way for them.

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Your Brand Backs up Your Blog

Depending on the specific niche of your Christian blog, you must select a theme and images that really portray what you are trying to share. For example, if you write about

  • Parenting topics, your images should reflect that (specifically the age of children). Lifestyle images showing a mom and child or a mother doing “mother” things – those bring to life the concept of your blog.
  • Bible studies, your images might include various images of a Bible and/or lifestyle images conveying the lesson from the particular verse you are writing about. The images should be from “today's” perspective – not the traditional images from long ago. People relate to what is familiar, so make sure your images convey the topic in today's understanding.
  • Christian living focused on a decluttered life, your images and the overall layout of your blog should be clean (not cluttered). Images that are too busy sort of contradicts the concept you are trying to share.Branding Your Christian Blog

How to Begin Branding Your Christian Blog

Even if you've already had your blog for a while, it is never too late to focus on re-branding. Branding your Christian blog means being intentional with several aspects of how others will see your site. Everything from the colors you use, the fonts, and the images – it all matters! You want everything on your site to welcome them in and bring to life the topics you are writing about.

Color Matters!

Choose a color palette that reflects the community and purpose you are trying to create. Normally, you should choose 3-5 colors that will be the basis of your branding. If using Canva, you can create your brand palette and save it so you aren't always looking for the color code. Otherwise, simply write down the color codes on a sticky note somewhere so you'll always have them handy. These colors will apply to the theme you select as well as the branding for your Pinterest templates.

Choose Fonts

Choose 2-3 fonts that you will use exclusively on everything related to your blog. You might have one that is a bit fancier (cursive, etc), and the others should be basic fonts (not fancy). When choosing your fancy font, make sure that it isn't too fancy that it makes it difficult to read the actual words. Having consistent fonts across everything – blog, social media, Pinterest – helps readers to begin to recognize your ministry.

Select Your Theme

I put this as the third because not every theme has the same options for editing. If you first select your colors and fonts, you can look for themes that enable you to edit those areas. (Some themes only offer specific color and font options.) There are thousands of themes to choose from and this step may take the longest. Look at the different layout options and abilities to add widgets and edit various areas depending on what you want to your blog to look like. Below are some great places to start searching for the perfect theme:

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Header Logo

Your header logo is the first thing readers see when they land on your site. Does it clearly reflect what your blog ministry is about? Is it just text or does it have images mixed with the text? Do those images reflect the niche? Does it follow the color palette and fonts you've established for the blog?

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Graphics Matter!

Your graphics are meant to drive home the concepts and topics that you write about. Ensure they flow with the overall vibe of your blog. Try to select ones that already have your general color palette in them. If not, you can also use filters to better brand them with text overlays using your color and fonts. You should use these images for your post thumbnails, pinnable images, social media sharing images, etc.  Many of these listed below will send you free images to use each month to start building your collection (really handy for Instagram!) and help you to really find the style that fits your blog the best.

Below are some of the branded Pinterest images for Kingdom Bloggers. Although the images themselves don't flow with the color palette, the editing with filters and text overlay make them flow with the overall theme of Kingdom Bloggers. We always stick to this specific dark blue and gold for colors, one fancy font, and one standard font. We don't keep a specific set of images, but uses filters, fading, and text overlay to make them keep to our branding. In this way, we can always find images that truly reflect the message of the post. (This is just one way to approach your branding!)

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Your Branding Can Reach More People for Christ!

Today, more and more people are moving away from the church. For some, they weren't raised in a Christian home so they don't know any better. For others, traditional and outdated methodologies are driving life-long Christian to seek God elsewhere. As our world evolves, so must the church. I'm not saying that the Bible itself needs to evolve – because the Word is Final. But HOW we teach it – putting into terms and life comparisons that make sense in the minds of today's world – THAT is how we'll reach more people for the Kingdom.

A Christian blog that as “religion” written all over it isn't welcoming from an aesthetic perspective. And in this day and age, aesthetics (visual marketing) is what matters most in trying to reach new people. (Be sure to read about Sneak Jesus Blogging to see how to reach more people without having “Jesus” in the title!)

Aside from removing the appearance of “religion,” branding your Christian blog helps readers begin to recognize your marketing. Specifically, your Pinterest audience will begin to automatically recognize an image as belonging to you and be more inclined to click or save it because they are well aware of the quality of your content.

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