Endless Blog Post Ideas for Your Christian Blog

As a Christian blogger, there are so many things you can write about to encourage others in their faith. But some newer Christian bloggers may get a bit overwhelmed with what topics they should write about.

I’ve put together this list of Christian blog topics along with how you can find an endless supply of blog post ideas all year long!

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Popular Christian Blog Topics

When you first start your Christian blog, you might wonder…

  • What are some topics to blog about?
  • What are the most profitable blog topics?
  • What are the most popular topics to blog about?

Before you worry about what to write about, it is very important that you’ve really narrowed down your target audience and really picked a specific sub-niche within the Christian niche.

What I mean is that “Christian niche” is sort of the general category but you can (and should) really focus down more.

There are Christian blogs that publish exclusively faith content (Bible studies, etc). But there are also other types of blogs that also include faith content. Read more about the most popular and profitable blogging niches.

Each sub-niche will have its own list of “popular Christian blog topics” that are specific to that general topic.

I’ve listed some basic examples below to get you started.

Exclusively Christian Blog Topics

What are the most popular topics to blog about on a Christian blog that is exclusively faith content?

There are actually quite a lot of topics that are popular for Bible Study blogs because more and more people are going to Google to search for help with studying the Bible.

  • Bible Studies
  • Bible Study Tips
  • Bible Study Resources
  • Bible Study Printables
  • Bible Verses About Posts

Christian Parenting Blog Topics

Christian parenting blogs are quite popular because they can be tailored to provide encouragement and resources to parents in a variety of seasons (new parents, stay-at-home moms, single moms, moms of preschoolers, moms of teens, etc.).

Some of the more popular (Christian) blog post topics might include:

  • tips for raising Godly kids
  • spiritual growth tips for busy moms
  • resources to help teach kids the Bible
  • Devotionals for moms

Some popular (general) blog post topics might include things like:

  • organization tips for busy moms
  • organization tips for WAHMS with small children at home
  • tips to help balance mom duties with homeschool
  • seasonal activities for kids (age-appropriate)
  • holiday content (gift guides, family traditions, etc)
  • Home activities
  • Crafts and DIY Projects (that kids can also do)
  • mom self-care
  • meal prep and recipes

Again, these are just some ideas. It is so important that you really research your target audience to find out what they are actually searching Google for.

How to Find New Christian Blog Post Ideas

To ensure you are reaching your target audience, it is important to create new and engaging content that serves them. The best way to approach this is to create a 12-month content plan so you aren’t fretting over what to write each week.

But what happens after that first year is over? How do you find NEW content ideas?

Know Your Target Audience

The biggest thing with coming up with more blog post ideas is to ensure you’ve fully defined and researched your target audience (Avatar). This is the most crucial step that is so often overlooked by most Christian bloggers. When you really know WHO you are writing for, you will be able to more easily come up with ideas based on the different categories of content you’ll be producing.

Knowing your target audience enables you to stay focused on writing content that directly serves them and makes it easier to find popular topics to continue writing about.

Google Search

Google is literally the best place to find Christian blog topics to write about! This is – literally – where people go to find answers to all their questions.

The best part is there are some great tools that can help you find out exactly what people are typing into that Google search box (and how many people are searching for it!).

I use a browser extension called Keywords Everywhere that gives me the average search volume and related searches for anything I search for.

Watch this video which shows you exactly how to research a topic to find popular blog post ideas using Google.

Types of Blog Post Ideas

As you are trying to determine exactly what you should be writing about on your blog, it is important to understand the different types of content that people search for on Google and other search engines.

At the end of the day, it isn’t about what YOU want to share with them. It is about what THEY are literally searching for. As a Christian blogger, your blog post topics must satisfy their search queries.

Blog Post Ideas – Bible

If you write content with the intention of helping people understand the Bible or to help them in their spiritual growth journey, you must understand HOW they are searching for it. Simply writing devotional-style content isn’t going to satisfy any search query. You have to address what/how they are searching for answers.

  • What Does the Bible Say About …..?
  • Bible Verses About ….?
  • Who was (Bible Character)?
  • What does (biblical concept) mean? (example: What does count it all joy mean?)

Some additional blog post ideas for helping people learn and understand the Bible include:

  • the various Bible study methods (explained)
  • Bible study resources
  • Bible study printables

Again, it comes down the HOW they would be searching for help in these areas. Start with these queries using, Keywords Everywhere, and see what other ideas (with search volume) it gives you.

Blog Post Ideas – Prayer

There are so many blog post ideas related to prayer that you can write on your Christian blog! I mean, you could literally have an entire site dedicated to offering people help in their prayer life because this is such a widely searched topic!

  • Prayer Resources
  • Prayer Journals
  • Prayer Printables
  • How to Pray for ….. (How to Pray for Your Husband, etc)
  • Prayers for …. (Prayers for Healing, etc)

Blog Post Ideas – General

If your blog is more of the subtle Jesus type, where you aren’t so much focused on the Biblical aspect but offer, for example, help for busy moms, there are certain types of content you’ll want to focus on.

The truth is that moms (or others) aren’t really looking for encouraging things to read. They are looking for help with something. You can encourage them via your email list but your blog post content needs to satisfy what they are actually searching for.

List Posts

These are the most common types of search queries you will find on Google. They include things such as

  • XX Tips for ….
  • XX Ways to …
  • XX Ideas for …

How-To Posts

These are similar to list posts, but involve actual steps for accomplishing something. When you write the content, those actionable steps must be obvious and easy to find in the post.

Product Posts

People don’t just search the internet for help. They also search for things they need to buy. Most Christian bloggers just write review-style posts which focus on one particular product (brand). Review posts, however, are much more difficult to get to rank in search results.

Instead, focus on product options. For example, “The Best Non-Toxic Toys for Infants.” With these types of posts, you aren’t offering a review. You are simply giving them a list of the trending products in that category. You can find this information in Amazon reviews, etc.

Printables Posts

While printables make a great addition to supplement some of the other types of content already mentioned, they can also be the sole purpose of a post.

Things like:

  • various homeschool printables
  • printable activities
  • printable coloring pages
  • printable chore charts
  • planners

These are just a few examples. Do your keyword research and find what kinds of printables your audience searches for and create content around them.

Brainstorm New Blog Post Ideas!

Now that you have a list of your current top-performing posts, you can begin brainstorming and doing keyword research so you can write the content in a way that gets it ranking with Google.

SEO is so important for helping you to reach your target audience because it is the way that Google is able to rank your content in search results.

laptop computer with SEO Fundamentals for christian bloggers on the screen

If you are new to SEO, then be sure to enroll in my free SEO Fundamentals for Christian Bloggers course which will help you understand the basics of how it works.

Growing a successful Christian blog isn’t difficult once you understand exactly what you should be publishing on it. The most important thing to remember in coming up with blog post topics and ideas is that it needs to be something that people are actually searching for.

Take the guesswork out of it and do your research! I promise that you will come out with an endless supply of blog post topics that readers will enjoy and need!

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