Overcoming Fear of Offending as a Christian Blogger

Do you often struggle with writing about certain topics as a Christian blogger out of fear of offending some of your readers? Are you worried that you might lose readers or followers because you wrote about a certain controversial topic?

The truth is that there will always be critics of everything in life. Even those who claim to be devout Christians will often misinterpret the Word of God from their own bias towards a particular topic. There are real people who are truly lost and hurting in this world and they need to know exactly what the Bible says about things they are confused about. More importantly, they need to know that, no matter their sin, God still loves them.

Are you willing to go against the “norm” and speak life and truth about the hard topics? Or do you want to avoid these subjects completely and stick to the “happy” stuff?

As Christian bloggers, it is our duty to show the lost how to find and benefit from the Grace God gives us – even if it means upsetting the more traditional “we don’t talk about that stuff” Christians.

“He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” Mark 16:15


Fear of Offending Others as a Christian Blogger

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Get Over Your Fear of Offending Someone

Today, God is literally a click away for the lost searching online. (Before you say that God is only a prayer away, I’m writing this post from the perspective of someone who isn’t grounded in their faith and doesn’t know how to pray.) Fewer and fewer people are heading to the local church for answers about faith and God. Instead, they are asking Google. They are asking basic questions like “How do I pray for the first time?” to very deep questions like “Am I going to hell because I’m gay?”.

Knowing that more people are searching for God online makes it more important than ever for Christian bloggers to be willing to go deep and answers the questions that the church often won’t.  And aside from teaching them what the Bible says about a particular subject, letting them know that God loves them regardless of their past or current sin or struggles!

As a Christian blogger,  you are a digital missionary, called to minister through your blog content. Your duty is to offer actual Biblical encouragement and answers – not your own opinion. It isn’t to simply keep them happy by telling them what they want to hear – but to share Biblical truths taken straight from the Bible. It is also to assure your readers that God loves them.

Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth. (1 John 3:18)

Are you truly fulfilling your calling if you are more concerned about what someone else thinks over sharing the Word of God with someone who really needs to hear it? Instead of worrying about losing followers, focus on gaining a new soul for the Kingdom of God. If some are offended, let them be offended. As long as you are speaking Biblical truth, you are doing what you are called to do.

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Offend Some But Encourage Others

We live in a time where it seems that everyone is offended by something. To be honest, it has seriously gotten out of control! Just turn on the news and you see stories of people being offended by things as simple as saying “Merry Christmas” because they aren’t a Christian. Others are offended because of the use of non-gender-neutral terminology made them feel excluded.

When it comes to Christian blogging, you will offend someone! I like to think that if I don’t get at least one negative comment, I’m not doing God justice in my writing! Just the fact that your content is faith-based, someone will be offended by it. And, truth be told, Christians can be just as offended as any other demographic of folks! Why? Because we (Christians) are like everyone else – not perfect. Christians are just as judgemental (if not more so) than non-Christians.

As a Christian blogger, you must get past your fear of offending so that others who truly need your message will find it. Worrying about offending others will keep you from sharing the life-changing message that someone out there needs to read.



Let’s talk about sex for a moment.

Whaaaaat? Talk about sex in a Christian community? Y-E-S!!!

Talking about sex seems to be one of the easiest ways to offend others in a Christian environment, yet it is one of the most searched topics (from a Christian perspective). And since we don’t openly talk about sex in most church settings – kids are having sex, single women are having sex, married people are having sex with someone other than their spouse – and unwanted babies are being made leading to more and more abortions. We are so quick to judge others for their decisions but how can we judge those who never really learned the Biblical way?

How many of you growing up (or even now as a married woman) have or had questions about sex in relation to being a Christian and the only answer you ever get is “Sex is only appropriate between a woman and a man who are married to each other and that’s all that needs to be said”? While this statement is Biblically correct, was that even the question you had? Or did you have more intimate questions about the subject desperately wanted to know about more detailed parts of it from a Biblical perspective?

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Are you a Christian blogger whose target audience is young adult women? Do you hope to encourage and empower them to grow in their walk with Christ amidst the struggles they face in today’s world? Do you write about dating and sex topics? This would be a topic often considered “taboo” and rarely talked about in a church environment. Yet, this is one area that so many young women struggle with since we now live in a world where sex everywhere (TV, music, clothing, etc). Talking about sex to young Christian women is something that needs to be talked about!

Are you a Christian parenting blogger that has a target audience of parents with tweens/teens? Do you write about topics related to gender identity, teen relationships and sex, masturbation, or other real issues that parents of teenagers are struggling with? If not, you may not be helping your audience in the way they truly need.

Are you a Christian blogger that writes about marriage? Sex is often one of the biggest issues in a marriage and something that so many Christian women need advice about. My church recently did a sermon on about sex in marriage and he totally went there! Let me tell you, this was the most attended service by couples and singles. We were almost standing-room only – proof that Christian couples are craving advice and guidance in their sex life.

By worrying about your fear of offending readers, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to teach them from a Biblical perspective on how to tackle these issues.

Not sure HOW to write about sex topics on a Christian blog? Hop over and check out these Christian bloggers who do an amazing job of tastefully and intentionally talking about this subject for their audiences:


Where There is Truth, Then Enemy is Waiting

I want to take a moment to clarify one point. Taboo or sensitive topics are those that, traditionally, were not discussed in a church setting. These are the topics that most of us were left to learn about from the world instead of from a place of faith. These are the topics that, because they were never taught, have resulted in some of the chaos we have in the world today. The enemy lives in this chaos and will tempt you!

Don’t have anything to do with foolish and stupid arguments, because you know they produce quarrels. And the Lord’s servant must not be quarrelsome but must be kind to everyone, able to teach, not resentful. (2 Timothy 2:23-24)

So many people have been raised in a Godless environment and, instead of knowing the truth, they’ve formed their own opinions on many of these topics. These opinions often lead to argumentative comments. This is nothing more than the enemy tempting you into arguing with negative commenters. When writing about these topics, pray first. Pray that God leads your hand as you write so that you keep your message rooted in His word (not your own opinion. Also, pray for the negative commenters – that they break free of the enemy’s grip and hear the truth in the message.

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No More Fear of Offending

As a Christian blogger, you are charged with sharing the gospel, sharing God’s message and love to those who are needing it most. While it is important to share encouraging and inspiring words to your audience, the true help comes from being bold in how you offer them help. Don’t just talk about the good stuff because life isn’t always great. Life has ups and downs and it is when they are in a valley that they need God’s love the most.

These are the real issues that so many people are asking Google about. These are also topics that most Christian bloggers shy away from out of fear of offending and losing readers. If you have truly researched your target audience, you will know exactly what struggles your readers have. If you lose readers after writing about certain topics – they most likely weren’t your target audience to begin with and that is ok. (By the way, I’m only using the topic of sex as one example.)

What are the real struggles or battles that your target audience faces in today’s world? Are you addressing them? 

As a Christian blogger, you have the opportunity and the power to truly change someone’s life by showing them how powerful God’s love is and how it can help them through any situation. Just be sure you are always writing from the Bible and not your own opinion or bias on a subject. Your duty is to share God’s message – not your own.

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