3 Simple Ways to Increase Page Views on Your Christian Blog

Do you struggle to get people to stay on your Christian blog once they get there? The truth is – getting visitors to your site is only half the battle! Once they finish reading the content that brought them there, you want them to stick around and read more. Here are some simple ways to increase page views on your Christian blog.


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How to Increase Page Views on Your Christian Blog

Just in case you are brand new to all this technical terminology,

  • User – refers to the total number of individual users who visited your site during the given timeframe.
  • Session – refers to the total number of times your site was visited (this includes a user’s first visit and any repeat visits)
  • Page Views – refers to the total number of pages viewed on the site. This includes the page a reader first landed on plus other pages they clicked through to read.

Page views are important because it lets you know if your readers are sticking around and reading more of your content. It also indicates to Google that your content is relevant because people are sticking around to read more of it. You want this number to be double, triple, quadruple the number of sessions because that means your visitors are clicking through to read more than just the page they landed on.

If you want to dive deeper into the other data contained in Google Analytics and Pinterest Analytics, be sure to read The Truth About Blogging Stats.

Increase Page Views with Clear Navigation

The first way to increase page views is to have clear navigational signs for your readers. This begins with your navigation menu. All too often, I see navigation menus with only the word “Blog” as a means to get readers to the blog content. This is fine if your website’s main purpose is something other than a blog (if your primary purpose is another type of business and a blog is simply an added bonus).  As a Christian blogger, your blog IS your business so you must give your readers a better way to get around it.

Think about when you go to the mall. Imagine if, at the door, it simply said “Shopping this way” but there were no other signs or maps to show you where the bathrooms, food court, or specific stores were? That wouldn’t be very helpful at all! Think of your blog in the same way. You MUST give your readers some signage (so to speak) to let them know where to find what they might be looking for. A blog should have multiple categories of content so simply say “Blog” doesn’t really help them find what they want without having to scroll through everything (walk around the entire mall until they find it).

Your navigation menu should clearly show what categories of topics you write about. If your theme has the ability to have a primary and secondary navigation menu, I highly recommend using the top-most one for purely administrative links (Contact, About, Privacy Policy, etc) and use the lower one (that is normally directly below the header logo image) for your blog links. These are the important things you want your readers to see and click on! If you have more than 5 main categories (you might want to reorganize that), then you can use the most important ones and have the others drop down from them.  You can see at the top in our navigation menu, if you hover over “The Blog” you will see all of the categories of faith content that we publish. Our “Christian Blogging” links are all together on the right side.

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Increase Page Views with Widgets

Another way to increase page views is by using a “related” “recent” or “featured” post widget in various locations. Don’t just put them in one place, put them in multiple locations to increase the chances of a reader seeing and engaging with it.

  • Sidebar widget – Put a recent/featured post widget on your sidebar. Titles are what gets the readers attention so ensure the post titles are clearly readable. Many widgets give you the option to have a thumbnail image showing. If you choose that option, make sure the image is cropped properly so that the post title isn’t cut off. If the image is too “busy” I would simply use the text and leave out the image.
  • After post widget – Maybe your reader doesn’t pay attention to the sidebar because they are so engaged with the post they are reading! That’s why you also want to have a widget right after your content to show them related posts on similar topics.

Side note: A “related post” widget pulls the posts that it displays based on the category you’ve assigned a post to. That is why you need to make sure you are using Categories properly for your blog. 

Increase Page Views by Interlinking Posts

The easiest and most effective way to increase page views is to interlink posts with anchor text. This method literally places the link to another post right in their line of sight as they are reading the text of your post. This is done by way of using “anchor text” in the content as you write your post.

Instead of saying “click here to read more about ….,” always use a few words of text that have some SEO value related to the destination post. For example, look at the lines of text below. The linked text “Getting traffic to your blog” links to another post on this site about ways to increase more organic traffic to your blog.

Getting traffic to your Christian blog is only half the battle. Once they get to your blog, how do you keep them there?

Interlinking text in this manner has many benefits. 

  • Places the link right in front of them.
  • Adds SEO value for the given keyword of the post.
  • Helps search engine crawlers effectively crawl your content.
  • Increases page views

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Lower Bounce Rate

A bounce rate is a measurement (number) that is calculated when a visitor lands on your site and doesn’t engage with your content. They don’t read the full post and don’t click on any other links on the site. Basically, they come and leave very quickly (bounce away) without scrolling or clicking through to other pages. Even if your posts are beautifully written and highly engaging to the reader, if they don’t go beyond that first page, the Google crawlers will come to the conclusion that your content is NOT good because people aren’t interested in reading more of it.

Along with increasing page views, it is important that you also keep a relatively low bounce rate. Anything over 80% is definitely not good! Your Christ-filled content is beautifully written and IS NEEDED by someone out there on the Internet! Implement these strategies so your bounce rate will begin going down and, in return, Google will see your content is relevant and reward it in the ranking (provided that you have sound SEO for your posts to be searched).

Increase Page Views = More Jesus

You spend so much time and effort on writing the content on your blog and there are so many people that could benefit from it. When you increase page views on your Christian blog, you are increasing the amount of Christ-filled content your readers are able to benefit from. Someone may find their way to your blog from a Pinterest pin or from a particular Google search. But for them to dive in beyond that initial post, you must provide them a map – clearly visible signs that guide them to more content they’ll be interested in.

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