75 + Inspiring Christian Blogs to Follow in 2022

Are you looking for some amazing and encouraging Christian blogs to follow this year? Christian bloggers are so important in today’s digital environment! They are real Christian women offering spiritual encouragement and hope to help other Christian women around the world!

There are so many mainstream Christian blogs out there but I wanted to share some that you may not be aware of. These are women (and men) who aren’t “famous” by pop-culture standards – but they are strong women and men of faith sharing the light of Jesus across the Internet!


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The Best Christian Blogs to Follow

Christian bloggers are leading way in providing much-needed biblical encouragement and helping people around the world in learning and absorbing the Word of God!

Christian blogs cover a variety of topics from general Bible study to more specific things like raising Godly children, spiritual growth and Christian living, Christian marriage resources, and so much more!

Here are some of my favorite Christian blogs that you should be following this year!

Bible Study Blogs

Some Christian blogs focus exclusively on helping women grow closer to God by diving deep into studying the Bible. Bible study blogs (or religious blogs) are meant to help you learn and apply God’s Word to your life. These Christian bloggers provide spiritual nourishment through printable Bible studies and other resources.

Some of these blogs about God are meant specifically for the beginner, others for the more “mature” Christian seeking additional ways to absorb God’s Word.

Christian Blogs for Bible Journaling

And if you are looking for some creative ways to study God’s Word, these Christian blogs are focused more on the Bible Journaling method of study.

If you are specifically looking for Bible Study Resources, be sure to visit our Bible Study Resources page! That is what Kingdom Bloggers is all about!


Are you a Christian woman looking for spiritual encouragement and connection to other Christian women in your season of life? 

There are so many Christian blogs for women that cover just about every season of life from singleness or married to simply growing stronger in your walk with God – as a woman. Christian girls blogs are created by other Christian women who are sharing their own journey of faith while providing you with a weekly dose of biblical encouragement, hope, and inspiration. 

Christian blogs aren’t just exclusively about studying the Bible! Some of these amazing Christian bloggers also provide tips and resources for other areas of your life such as the best Christian books to read, how to live a more simple life, and tips for gardening!

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Christian Blogs for Mom

Moms have a hard job! We juggle so many things to manage our home, raise the kids, and ensure we are providing a great Biblical foundation for them to prosper. Christian mom blogs provide just that! These Christian blogs are specifically for mothers to help them in all areas of their life: spiritual nourishment for themselves, homemaking, parenting, and marriage.

Christian mom blogs are the perfect way for you, as a mother, to stay grounded in your faith and be fully nourished to be able to pour back into your family. Why? Because these are real Christian women sharing their own journeys and the things they’ve learned along the way!

Christian BlogsHomeschool

These Christian blogs are specifically geared around providing spiritual nourishment to the homeschool mom. Of course, they also provide a lot of really great resources and printables to help you get a handle on your own homeschool plan!

Christian Marriage Blogs

If you are looking for resources and encouragement to help you create and/or keep a solid biblical foundation in your marriage, you should definitely follow these Christian marriage bloggers!

Other Inspiring Christian Bloggers to Follow

As if this list wasn’t already enough, here are some more really great Christian bloggers that you may want to check out this year!

Christian blogs really a great way to stay grounded in God’s Word, while also connecting with other like-minded Christian women in a particular season of life.

Are there any other religious blogs that you follow and absolutely love? Let me know so I can add them here!

Also, if you’ve ever thought about becoming a Christian blogger yourself, be sure to read How to Start a Christian Blog Ministry.

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