9 Things to Do After You Publish a Blog Post

Ok, so you've published your blog post.

Now what?

Is that it? Is there anything else you should be doing?

Below, I am going to share 9 things you should do once a new post has been published.

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Do These Things After Publishing a Blog Post

Ok, so there are a few things that you want to do as soon as you hit that publish button! Mostly it has to do with sharing on social media, but a few things have to do with how it looks and how it is connected internally.

Take A Look At It!

The very first thing you should do after hitting the publish button is to take a look at it!

Yes, you can do a preview before publishing but I would recommend looking at it as it is fully published. Mainly you are looking for:

  • possible errors or typos
  • images not displaying correctly
  • check the page loading speed

Do this on both your mobile device as well as from a desktop.

This enables you to find and correct any potential issues immediately – before the crawlers have a chance to crawl it.

Pin it on Pinterest

Even if you aren't super active on Pinterest anymore (because Pinterest has been a bit crazy in the last couple of years), you should still go ahead and pin each post to your blog board.

This increases the chance of others on Pinterest finding and engaging with it. But it also keeps your Pinterest profile semi-active in case you ever decide to dive back into using it more intentionally.

Share it on Facebook/Twitter

Share the blog post on Facebook and Twitter if you are using those platforms.

Link to it in an Older Post

Once you've shared the post on social media, be sure to go in and add internal links to it in older related posts!

Too often we get consumed with SEO for the task at hand – the current blog post. But those older posts need to link to related content which may not have been created when they were first published.

Respond to Comments

If you have your comments enabled, be sure you are taking the time to respond to them!

I recommend having all blog comments set to require approval from you before showing up on the feed. This prevents spam but also ensures you know about them!

Do These Additional Things When Applicable

Ok, so the things I've already mentioned are the most common things that should be done right after publishing a new post.

But, depending where you are in your blogging journey, you may have some additional things to do to help boost it along.

For example, new bloggers may not yet have an email list or are not actively working on growing their social media and/or Youtube channels.

But if you are, then you'll want to add these tasks to your “To-Do” List after publishing a new post!

Share it in Your Weekly Email

If you send out a weekly newsletter, ensure you plug the new post into your schedule of weekly email topics.

That doesn't mean it has to go out this week! An effective strategy means mapping out the topics in advance so just be sure to add this new post to the schedule!

Create a Pinterest Idea Pin

If you are actively using Pinterest for your blog, you'll definitely want to make at least one Pinterest Idea Pin for the post.

I prefer to make a couple of different ones so I can publish them over the next couple of days.

Make an IG Story

Although you can't put links in your Instagram posts or reels, you CAN put a link in IG stories!

Be sure to create an IG Story that includes a link to your new post!

But don't just make a graphic that says “check out my new blog post.” Instead, maybe talk about the topic and say “read more on this” or something like that.

Make a Multi-Purpose Video

Video is where everything is headed both for content and for social media! I know many are hesitant to create videos for many reasons but this is one area you definitely want to get comfortable with doing.

You can create a short 60-second devotional-style video on the topic of the blog post. Then you can repurpose it across many channels:

  • Upload it as a Youtube Short
  • Embed the Youtube video on the post
  • Share the video as an IG and FB Reel
  • Share it as a Pinterest Idea Pin
  • Share it on TikTok

As I mentioned, these last 4 tasks aren't for everyone. If you are just getting started with your blog, I would avoid starting your email list and/or really diving hard into building your social platforms.

Instead, spend a good year focusing just on creating good SEO-based content so you can create a solid organic foundation for your site. If you aren't sure how to do that, be sure to read about how to satisfy the search query.

You can also download this handy After Publish Checklist to keep handy.

After Publish Checklist (2)

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